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10 Tips for Decorating Your Kitchen

A significant amount of care and thought should be put into decorating your kitchen. The kitchen is more than a place to make food. It’s a space to let out your inner creativity by making deliciously unique meals or whipping up a dessert worthy of a queen. The kitchen is also a place to create lasting memories by making your grandmother’s secret recipe or laughing with family and friends over meals.

Here are 10 home decorating tips for your kitchen that you can use to make this space in your home extra special.

1. Rather than replacing old cabinets, replace the handles and put on a fresh coat of paint or stain. This is a budget-friendly way to bring worn out cabinets back to life.

2. Use colorful curtains to hide kitchen tools and utensils that are placed in open cabinets.

3. Find framed art prints or posters that feature food and drink recipes that can serve a dual function. Not only will they fill up empty wall space, but the recipes will motivate any chef to create new culinary masterpieces.

4. If there is extra space on top of your kitchen cabinets, fill them with a varied assortment of plates, jars or vases. To add an additional personal touch, collect unique vases and jars while traveling so each decorative piece reminds you of a happy memory.

5. Fresh herbs always taste better. Plant an herb garden in your windowsill to keep the herbs readily available while showing off your green thumb.

6. Collect menus from your favorite restaurants around town or throughout the world. Frame the menus and hang them throughout your kitchen.

7. Create a warm and hospitable atmosphere by hanging art prints that serve as a reminder of the importance of friends and family. Art prints with sayings such as, “The Kitchen is Where the Heart Is” or “Bless Our Home” will be perfect additions to your kitchen.

8. If you are short on space, use your kitchen tools as decorations too! Stainless steel utensils can be used for wall art. Pots and pans can hang on hooks around your kitchen island or on strategically placed hooks throughout your kitchen.

9. Baskets can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used for fruit, kitchen utensils, nonperishable food or many other functions. If drawer space is limited, fold your kitchen towels and oven mitts neatly and place them in a basket on your counter.

10. Keep it clean. Clean up after every meal to keep the kitchen a place where everyone can enjoy their time.

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