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3 Common Reasons Why Men Need to Wear Clothing With Cuffs

There are various reasons why men need to wear clothing with cuffs such as: protection, adjustability, and fashion. A cuff is a fabric extension at the bottom most portion of a suit sleeves. It could be a folded portion of the clothing or a separate piece of fabric with a different design. The size of folds may vary depending on the garment; small, narrow flaps for pants while, average for sleeves. In general, its purpose is to provide any of the following:


The primary purpose of having cuffs on the sleeves is to protect the fabric from wearing out. Constant or direct contact on the skin can cause tattered cloth due to perspiration and friction during laundry. In the event that fraying sets in, no major repairs will be required. You just have to replace that portion since it is a separate cloth that can easily be detached.


Sometimes, cuffs are intended for easy adjustment of attire. Since there are shirt cuffs that have more than one button holes, those are placed on purpose, so that it can be easily adjusted according to ones comfort.


With the improvement of fashion, cuffs have become more flamboyant and bold. Wardrobe experts use cuffs to enhance the character of the suit. Since there are several types of shirt cuffs such as button, link, and convertible, designers used this idea to add more drama and effect on the clothing. Thus, they put together color, style, and comfort to come up with something trendy, yet functional.

However, since cuffs can be used anywhere such as in shirts and trousers; its purpose may also differ according to where it is located. Below are the specific functions of cuffs according to the kind of clothing:

Dress shirt cuff

The basic function of cuffs on dress shirts be it long or short sleeves is to allow proper fitting on the wrist or arm respectively. Since the main consideration when manufacturing clothing lines is comfort, they wanted to provide the consumer the ability to adjust fitting according to preference.

Jacket cuff

In most cases, the main reason for placing holes on the cuff is either to compliment or for decoration. It adds elegance to the suit especially in formal wears for parties and weddings.

Trouser cuff

Folding the ends of the trousers as commonly seen in formal suits are intended to add some weight at the bottom. Aside from weight, it enhances the appearance of the pants making it more trimmed and shaped.

Although the purpose may vary depending on some factors, always take into account the comfort you experience. Use it as your ultimate basis for choosing your outfit and not how others look at you.

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