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5 Keys to Improving Your Sexual Self-Esteem and Having More Satisfying Relationships

Self-love directly affects our sex life. Therefore, a specialist in the field reveals the steps to follow in order to improve our confidence in the field of the erotic.

Self-esteem, which can be defined as the level of assessment or esteem that a person feels for himself, directly influences his or her sexuality. Therefore, those who have little or no self-love, can hardly have a full and satisfying erotic life.

But there are ways in which what is also known as sexual self-esteem can be enhanced. Magdalena Rivera, medical surgeon and sexologist at Medical Sex Center, delivers the following solutions that can positively impact erotic life.

1. Accept the body

It is important to feel good about your body. This does not necessarily mean having and wearing a perfect body, but accepting and loving the body that one has, without feeling the pressure or the demands of advertising or fashion that often raise physical stereotypes that are not real. This is something basic to be comfortable, to undress without problems in privacy.

2. Know the body

In order to feel more secure in the sexual encounter, it is also vital to know your own body, your sexual responses, what you like and what you do not like. And the best way to get all this is this is through masturbation.

Autoerotism for years was “condemned”, however, over time, science was clearing the way and is known to bring many benefits of the life of those who practice it: strengthens the immune system, improves mood, quality of Skin, self-esteem and other benefits.

In this sense, today, the sexual market offers a series of alternatives to be able to motivate and promote autoerotism both female and male. At Starsex, the only company in Chile dedicated to the creation of erotic accessories, you can find a series of articles for it: vibrators, dildos, exciting gels, intimate lubricants, among many other novelties that have been created with the sexual well-being of women And men.

3. Learn about sexuality

Another way to boost erotic self-esteem is to gain more knowledge about sexuality. And the best way for this is by educating yourself through reliable and good quality information sources.

In this way, we also get rid of myths and taboos that surround sex and are often obstacles to explore and discover new sensations in sex.

4. Learning to communicate with the couple

Communication with the other person is vital, but it has to be an assertive communication, that is, it does not come in the form of criticism or offense. Always the idea is to propose or suggest what one wants and does not want, but in a good way.

Now, it is also important that we all understand that not because one does not like a certain sexual practice is bad in bed or is a bad lover, because everything goes through preferences and tastes that vary in each person. Therefore, it is very important that we refrain from rating our sexual performance or that of the other.

5. Have real expectations about sex

It is better to have real expectations, to see sexuality as a way to enjoy and have fun. That sex has nothing to do with reaching goals or with self-demand. In this sense pornography can do a lot of damage. That is to say, there is no problem with watching triple X films, as long as we do not think that what we see there is reality neither a documentary, but mere fiction and fantasy.

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