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6 Answers To Your Question: How To Make A Boy Like You?

Still reflecting about the question “how to make a boy like you”? You are not alone on this. As a matter of fact, there are millions of girls out there who ask the same question as well. But then bear in mind that while it is good to look for valuable tips and tricks that could help you address this issue, you must also realize that to pursue a boy who obviously does not like you a bit is something that you should drop in an instant. Here are some of the important things you need to consider if you are truly serious about finding out “how to make a boy like you”?

Have a sunny smile in your lips at all times.

If you ever get the feeling that it is impossible for the boy you want to like you, make sure you read articles that will equip you with tips on finally getting them to notice you. Forget what the society dictates about boys making the first move. After all, it is your personal happiness that is at stake. First thing you should do is let out a truly sweet smile that could take any boy’s breath away.

Get rid of signs of social antagonism in your face.

Smiling is never enough to draw a boy closer to you especially if you will show a trace of animosity when you look at them. If you are truly bent on magnetizing boys to your side, make sure that you give them an enticing look to make approaching you much easier for them.

Always dress your best.

It is essentially important to always look attractive and beautiful so that any doubts of coming close to you would be eliminated right away. What is more, if you are always clad at your best, then chances are you will exude a more confident and self-assured you wherever you go. This confidence will of course be dependent on the poise you will display, or the dignity you will convey in walking, talking and even in simply sitting down.

Don’t come as a cheap girl smiling at every boy there is.

This is very important because after all, boys do not go for girls who do the courting or the wooing. Boys love challenge and so make it a point that even if you gave the first smile, you will not go any further than that shot. It will still be best if he will notice you for the inherent beauty in you that others do not right away see.

Start flirting in a still poised and balanced manner.

Then when you have finally been introduced, you can make teasing gestures such as tapping his shoulders or perhaps giving his hand a brush of yours, or touching him as you break down into laughter for something amusing he has said.

Make him feel like you are his comfort zone.

The instant you develop a feeling of comfort in the boy every time he is with you, you can say that your mission is already in the bag!

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