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7 Easy Tips To Make Your Breasts Look Bigger

We all want our breasts to look their best don’t we? And that often means having them look a little bigger with just the right shape. The following are just a few tips you can use to make your breasts look bigger right now – these really work!

Make sure you wear the correct size bra – a well fitted bra always looks better – there are lots of tips to be found online on how to measure your breast size, so if you haven’t measured up recently, do it now! The vast majority of the female population don’t wear the right size bra, and it does make a difference. Remember you should measure at least once a year because breast size fluctuates according to weight or other factors such as pregnancy.

Dress for your body shape – by wearing the right top your bust can look many times better. Some tops or blouses completely swallow up what you have, making up look flat chested. Look for tops that have a gather near the chest area – this can give the illusion that you are more well-endowed than you really are!

Wear a padded bra – these days we no longer need to worry about sticking tissue paper down our bras – just try a padded bra and you’ll see the difference will be very uplifting. Check out Victoria’s Secret for some really good bras, but make sure you get fitted properly. You need to get the size just right for best results.

Use makeup – using a makeup brush, brush some powder foundation (a little darker than your normal shade) on your cleavage area to create v shape. This can help to enhance the look of your cleavage.

Wear bright colors and ornaments – these will attract attention to the breast area and make your cleavage look bigger.

Always stand up straight – if you hunch your shoulders no one will ever see what you’ve got. Push that chest out and be proud of it!

Wear jewellery and ornaments with small detail – these can really visually enhance the bust area. Wearing a thin, chain with a small pendant tend to make your breasts appear larger by contrast.

Of course, all of these tips are just to help you make your breasts look bigger, unfortunately they’re not going to actually increase size. If you want to increase breast size naturally there are many inexpensive, easy to use options such as supplements and creams that are very effective.

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