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7 Golden Rules For Growing Taller Naturally and Gain Height Like a Tower

Did you know that growing taller naturally also requires some basic rules to be followed? For your body to grow properly and consistently you will have to follow some rules and be disciplined. Improper food habits and a haphazard lifestyle can ruin your changes to gain height in a timely manner.

Here are some golden rules that will help you in growing taller naturally like a tower:

1) Lead a simple lifestyle, which is stress free. Have food at proper times during the day. Follow a routine for various activities that you do like – exercises, studying, lunch, dinner etc. Being methodical will help you gain height in a steady manner.

2) Try and eat natural organic food that helps in growth. Avoid junk fast food at any cost. Maintain a good balance between carbohydrates, proteins and fiber in your food.

3) Maintaining optimum body weight can really help you in growing taller naturally. Excess weight puts pressure on the bones and muscles and compresses them.

4) Exercise regularly so that your body is flexible and linear. Make sure you do a mix of stretching exercises, resistance training and posture correction exercises. Stretching and posture correction exercises alone can add a few inches to your height, thereby assisting you in growing taller naturally.

5) Make sure to sleep for 8 to 9 hours every day. This is the most important activity for you to grow taller and gain height. Don’t try to cut down on sleep even by mistake.

6) Many antibiotics and drugs can act as growth inhibitors. Don’t have these medicines without consulting a doctor. Have these medicines only if it is absolutely necessary.

7) For growing taller naturally your body may require some additional supplements that have calcium, vitamins and minerals. Consult a doctor and have a good supplement that can supply calcium continuously for your body.

Following these golden rules will sure help you to gain height.

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