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80s Shirts for Men: What’s In and What’s Hot

Ranging from tees to polos, 80s shirts for males were often made with bright and warm colors. The shirt was the main focus of an outfit and indeed defined the style of the decade.

80s T Shirts: Style and Designs

The 1980 was filled with a wide selection of fashion styles for men. There were men who opted for the preppy look while some of them turned into the ‘Miami Vice’ style of dressing. No matter which design they choose from, one thing was in common, the 1980s gave birth to some of the popular trends that can still be seen in the fashion industry these days.

Some of the most popular designs for 80s t shirts include:

· Hawaiian shirts were popular in the 1980s and were often worn under a sport coat or alone. Most Hawaiian shirts were worn even without a necktie.

· Having a casual shirt hidden under a designer jacket was also a fad in the 80s. This look was popularized by Don Johnson with the hit TV series ‘Miami Vice’.

· Michael Jackson was also a popular men fashion trend setter in the 1980s. Oversized shirts with slouch shoulders, puffy sleeves and leather studded jackets were popular male fashion trends. Thanks to the ‘King of Pop’!

· Leather bomb jackets were in the rage for this decade. Known as a component of daily wear, leather jackets just appeared anywhere from the corporate workplace to disco hubs.

· The ‘preppy look’ was also a very familiar trend in the 80s. Men often wore button down oxford shirts, sweater vest, argyle sweaters and polo shirts with collars buttoned up. Some of these styles may still be seen in today’s fashion.

· Men wearing sweaters over their shoulders tied loosely on the neck was also a common scenario in the 80s. This was also known as the ‘ultimate preppy look’.

Shirt Colors & Logos

Colors were a big statement for the 1980s fashion. Some of the most popular men’s shirt colors in the 80s include yellow, lime green and pink. Logos were also ‘in the rage’ this year with Polo, Guess, Benetton, Gap, Levi, and Izod dominating the t shirt industry.

There are plenty of shirts in the market these days that resemble the 1980s designs and styles. For vintage and authentic 80s shirts, try to check your attic or maybe head to a yard sale.

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