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A History of Haveaballoon

Haveaballoon & Costume

Haveaballoon & Costume supplies the general public with a wide variety of balloons, fancy dress costumes and accessories. The shop headquarters is based in Kingsthorpe, Northampton and has been providing these services for 15 years now. The staff are know for their unique sales approach, where they take an interest in the customers requirements often part-taking in banter to make their shopping experience an enjoyable one.


The business was founded by Geoffrey Connolly, a local dance teacher and entrepreneur. The business started from his parents home in 1996 where he would hire out juke boxes, DJ for parties and provide balloon decorations, as the business expanded he moved the business to its own premises in Kingsthorpe some 15 years ago and has not looked back since he says “I couldn’t have failed, the fancy dress business has been booming for 10 years!”

Fancy Dress

The shop offers a vast array of stock often described as “Aladdins Cave” it has a fancy dress costume for many occasions. The shop uses a variety of wholesalers to ensure they have a diverse range of product often stocking the unusual items that have become part of the daily requests from the customers.


Haveaballoon has 15 years experience in decorating venues throughout Northamptonshire, they have provided balloon decorations for occasions such as: weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, launches and even with royalty such as the time of the opening of DIRFT (Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal) by Princess Anne.

Their portfolio includes:

Table Decorations:

3 Balloon arrangements in colours of your choosing.

Decorations can be either secured to a: Base weight. Added to a provided floral arrangement. Or completed with a colour co-ordinated bow.


String of pearl effect highlights areas of interest details (Example A) Can be made in any colour scheme. Each balloon finished off with colour co-ordinated bow. Arch secured to base weights also decorated with colour co-ordinated bows. This arch can be made to any length in a variety of ways. Price list covers 21 x 11″ Balloon Arch.


A Deluxe Cloud comprises of:

Top balloon 16″ Clear with 11″ balloon inside, Middle & Base balloons a cluster of 4 x 11″. Central Cloud raised higher than 2 outer Clouds; all linked together with tulle. The 5 cloud deluxe canopy enables the whole of the top table to be framed.

Exploding Balloons

A 3ft Balloon is filled with

100 x baby Bubble Balloons, to this we add flitter flutter confetti. The balloons is suspended usually over a dance floor. The balloon can be set up for a automatic or a manual exploding. The result is 100 balloons fall quickly to the floor while the flitter flutter confetti extend the effect by slowly spiraling to the ground.

Floor and Entranceway Decorations

A free standing arrangement comprising of a cluster of 12 balloons secured to a base weight with tulle and decorated with falling bows.

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