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A Mind Numbing Distraction: Why Digital Devices Might Be Bad for Our Children

Nearly 62% of the world’s population wakes up to the blue light of the smart phones, tablets and PCs. According to a recent research survey, most individuals spend more than 65 hours a week in front of a screen-based device. Children, on the other hand, spend around 43 hours a week on digital devices. A recent escalation in the technology based devices has forced academic institutions to increase the usage of screen-based devices for daily learning activities, which contributes towards the rising trend of sedentary lifestyle among children.

How does the Blue light Affect children?

Research shows that children are at more risk of developing various eye diseases, including vision syndrome and chronic insomnia than the adults (children are affected twice as much as the adults because their physiological system is still developing.) Long term exposure to the blue light emitting devices hinders the development process, which can cause severe problems in the future.

Computer: A Mind Numbing Distraction

Have you noticed how our children get into a state of trance while they engage with video or computer games? Research shows that digital devices can numb the brain and its vital functions and evoke a hypnotic state in those who engage with the digital devices for longer. Due to this mind numbing effect, children can spend hours and hours in front of the screen without realizing how long they have been using a certain device.

A research study showed that increased exposure to the LCD light or smart phone blue light can cause vision problems, including dry eyes, eyestrain, computer vision syndrome, blurred vision and elevated visual stress that can sometimes lead to serious vision problems. Children are constantly faced by academic pressure that requires them to be extra proficient, and digital devices help children meet the everyday scholastic challenges. However, by allowing our children to spend most of their time with the technology based devices, we are risking their overall well-being that matters the most.

What can we do?

“How can I just eliminate the computer from my child’s life? It’s crucial for his study.” I hear parents say things like that all the time. It is true that technology plays an important role in our children’s overall development and growth, but it also causes physiological problems that can become worse over the years. The best thing is to find a balance between both indoor and outdoor activities; your child must not spend more than 48 consecutive minutes in front of a computer.

Nobody said that this is going to be easy; children are impossible to detach from their beloved gaming consoles. You will have to put in the effort and the time to introduce them to the outdoor playground equipment or any other outdoor play structure, so they can have the time for active play. In addition, ensure that your child spends a healthy amount of time in the school playground or with the school playground equipment. By following the simple rules, you can ensure your child’s prospering future, so act today!

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