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A Reunion Features a Cool Woven Bag

Two days ago, I took part in my senior high school reunion. Honestly, at the notice, I was nervous and excited as well. It has been 4 years since we classmates separated from each other and four years have changed us in different ways.

At the thought of this special get together, I was full of excitement. Four years ago, we bad farewell with tears and pursued our dreams in separated places. Among us, several classmates even stepped out of this nation to new surroundings. We lived in different places, but we still kept in contact with each other by cell phone or email. However this time, we would meet each other and have chitchat face to face. What a thrilling scene it would be!

At the same time, I was jittery. After four years, we have tapped our potentials and furthered our study, but we have different levels of improvement and we obtain different levels of achievement. Some classmates had managed to get access to graduate study. Some have found promising job. Some have set on the tough road of doing pioneering work. Also several are earning bread for the family. Four years’ life has forged strata where we climb on different heights. I just wonder how much the gap between me and the one who stands on the highest level.

The day came at last! It was really a spectacular scene when all of us arrived. All the males were in western dress and leather shoes while the females, though some wore skirts and some wore elegant dress, all carried bags. You could guess that we all became kind of mature.

Actually, contrast to my expectation, we did not talk too much about our present state, or our achievement. Instead, boys were obsessed with the World Cup, even those once bookworms participated in that topic. And as for us girls, we tended to be fashion forward. Our topic ranged from trendy hairstyles, exquisite accessories, and chic apparels to marriage.

Never assume that we were overwhelmed by vanity. As girls, we loved to show off femininity and charm we are born with. And we adored the gorgeous flair and tenderness exuding from those celebrities when dressed in glittering accessories.

Of course, we were far from being fashionistas. We just preferred chic and style outfits or accessories to help liven up our image. So that reunion gave us a chance to discuss how to dress our personality and how to buy pursue fashion without being driven by fashion.

Since we girls all carry bags at that day, bags were hot topic that day. And inevitably we had to compare bags. We found among all bags, one bag stood out! It was really special and every one all could not help touch it, even including the boys: A cool woven shoulder bag!

This style of bag is really a perfect one in this hot summer. With its woven shape, it is distinguished from pour bags made of leather or canvas. The most attracting spot is the embellishment on the bag. I was still crazy about the bow tie on bag of my classmate. The cool woven bag, along with that tender bow tie highlights her femininity and charm.

How envious we were. Carrying that kind of bag, she looks much younger and attractive. I like it and with it I can embrace the nature and enjoy a special cool summer. My classmate tells us a stunning surprise that she got this bag at killer price, only $29.99 because she happened to see that online bag store releases these woven bags during these days, from July 12th to July 25th. Really a great news for us who are eager for fashion.

We still get something from that reunion indeed.

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