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Advantages of Full Rim Eyeglasses


The basic need for an eyewear frame is to hold the lenses. So, no style of eyewear can meet that purpose better than full rim eyeglasses, which also do not compromise on the fashion aspect. Full rim eyewear is available in so many styles that it will satisfy the whims and fantasies of all. However, for a smart eyewear decision, its better you take into account some of the following suggestions.

As a beginner with eyewear, you need not necessary go bold with your first ever eyewear. A simple and functional frame is a good place to start. After getting used to it, you can experiment with different styles of full rim eyeglasses. Also, don’t get carried away by celebrity trends, while a particular frame may look striking on some celebrity, it may not give the same appeal on everyone. When a designer eyeglasses frame does not work on a face, it will never do, no matter how hard you try.

You can only make a statement, if you chose eyewear frames according to your face shape. Selecting a frame for a particular face shape is relatively simple. The frame should contrast with the face shape. A well-rounded face with well-endowed facial features can elegantly carry off a rectangular shell type full rim with a strip of contemporary accents.

Not only the face shape and size, the frame’s size also matters. Over-sized frames can work, if only they are worn right. When choosing over-sized frames, make sure the rest of your attire is dressed down. A pair of chunky, full rim eyeglasses can be matched with a basic suit and minimal accessories in neutral colors.

Apart from the frame’s size, its design can also bring character to the frames. For a fun, yet cultured appeal, a full rim eyewear with thick tortoise shell frames can be sported. The tortoise accent can spice up your outfit, without overwhelming your face. These prints are available in many shades; so, it is mandatory to choose the tone of the tortoise shell, with your skin tone in mind.

Not just for style factor, most of us need eyewear for pure eyesight issues. A thin full rim frame with thick armatures can make stylish reading eyeglasses. On the contrary, people who do not like wearing glaringly visible eyeglass frames, can give clear frames a try. Transparent and light-weight, full rim eyewear will appeal to all.



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