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All That You Should Know Before Buying a Designer Perfume

Picking up a designer perfume is fun, but with an option of thousands of top designer colognes, it is likely to turn into an irritating chore. Ads for new designer colognes, perfumes and other similar lines of body-care products are shown on TV commercials, in magazines and newspapers each day. Various magazines tempt you with samples of fragrances that do not make the choice any easier. Scrape and sniff, once it is on one’s nose, he is done picking up scent for many hours.

Gaining as much information about perfume as possible is what can make your choice lot easier. With basic acquaintance of scent categories, price points, and fragrance oils, you will be able to pick up the best perfume, either for gift giving or for yourself. The first step should be to know the basic types of perfumes available. Learning the dissimilarity between the categories will certainly help you select the perfume that prevents fragrance selection confusion. Basically, there are seven types of fragrances, including floral, Chypre, Citrus, Oriental, Woody, Leather and Fougere.

  • Floral types are flower based scents, and are linked with smoothness and naturalness. They are viewed as the most popular and largest category that is created primarily from flower-based notes, such as orange blossom, carnation, jasmine, gardenia and rose. Often, they are mixed together to create unique floral bouquet.
  • Chypre showcases a fragrance type where citrus is mixed with rich woody hint. Modern Chypres can also be changed or replaced completely with fruity or green combinations. Most men’s fragrances are based upon basic ‘Chypre’ structure, and they usually exhibit leather character.
  • Fougere is a French language word for ‘fern’ and such perfumes use fern which is mixed with herbals like coumarin and lavender. This kind is most popular among men.
  • Leather type represents a strong animal smokiness attribute of the elements used in tanning method of leather. It is often attained in perfumery along with quinolenes, phenols, labdanum and castoreum.
  • Oriental is a fragrance style and is used in fragrances that are full bodied, tenacious and heavy.
  • Woody is a scent which is associated to aromas of newly cut woods, such as sandalwood, Virginian and Cedarwood oil.

Citrus perfume style is derived often from ‘citrus fruits’ like Lemon, orange, grapefruit, bergamot and pomello. This category projects a tangy, sharp aura, and is naturally uplifting and refreshing. The Citrus combinations are among oldest known fragrances, firstly popular with men only, but now worn by women as well.

Perfume Price Tags

If one can afford to buy designer perfume, then, cost is possibly not an issue for him. Remember that your budget will influence the packaging and kind of ingredients used in each product. Due to higher rates for several designer scents, discounted designer fragrances are becoming increasingly famous in the market. Though cheap scents make use of less costly man-made ingredients or packaging to lessen cost, they are often difficult to distinguish from higher priced, original colognes.

The above information will definitely help you choose the perfect designer perfume for you.

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