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An Invitation to a Daily Mini-Retreat

“A retreat can be anything that allows us to intentionally enter another world where time slows to nonexistence, silence prevails, and a certain tranquility permeates the atmosphere. Here in this sacred space, we can replenish our souls, restoring our connection to the eternal. A daily retreat nurtures our inner life & encourages our progress along our unique spiritual journey.”

–Rachel Harris, Ph.D, in 20-Minute Retreats

Wake-Up Call

The sun was still fairly high in the sky as I sat quietly on the balcony. I had brought two very fat pillows to my bench so that I would be even more comfortable than usual. I had a free moment, and didn’t bring a book, didn’t sit down to plan or to write. I decided just to sit there quietly and relax.

Stray thoughts had been dropping by to say hello all day as I hurried from one place to another, pressured to get everything done that was on the agenda as quickly and as expediently as possible, tense without even knowing it, wishing I could just push an escape button and be back at home in my comfy house dress and slippers.

What were my thoughts?

That right now, my life is moving too fast! That I have SO MUCH TO DO that I am not tending to myself, to my heart and soul, at all. Once again, I had drifted into my crazy-making routine of staying up late, waking up exhausted and not breathing very much as one item on the agenda shifted into the next.

Once again, I resolved to slow down and make room in my crazy busy schedule for me. For quiet. For stillness. For intuitive guidance. For connecting more deeply with myself. Join me?

What’s in Your Daily Mini-Retreat Kit?

I suggest the following…

1) A journal: have your journal nearby just in case a thought comes to mind that you want to capture. Maybe even a paragraph? But there is no rule that says you have to fill a page. Even a two-word documentation of how you are feeling that day might be meaningful down the road.

2) A cup of tea: for me, a cup of chamomile tea is about the warmest, coziest thing I can think of to add to a retreat. But for you, it might be something else. Hot chocolate? Sweet tea? Give yourself something comforting.

3) A candle: mine smells like a cookie! But anything that smells good or is pleasant to watch would do. You can even mesmerize yourself by staring at the flame and have a few minutes of meditation.

4) A CD of soothing music: music, unless it is very somber, almost always cheers me up. Anything that stirs your spirit, inspires hope or makes you feel good would be a great addition to your daily retreat.

How Long a Retreat Are We Talking About, Exactly?

How much time would work for you? Even a ten-minute break can be rejuvenating. I sat out on my balcony for half an hour but I was completely relaxed in about 15 minutes.

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