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An Overview of the Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company Compensation Plan

Network marketers are flocking to Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company because of the compensation plan. Soul Purpose has the only compensation plan in the industry that does not punish the representative. Many may wonder what is meant by this statement, so let’s break it down:

1. 100% payout on each leg – The Soul Purpose compensation plan is one of the only compensation plan in the industry that offers a 100% payout on production. Most compensation plans today will only pay 40-60% out of each leg, but the Soul Purpose compensation plan pays 100% out of each leg. When a network marketing company will only give you a certain percentage from each leg you have to ask yourself… where is the rest of that money going? Let’s face it, in the industry of network marketing it is difficult to recruit people, when you do and they build an organization, why should you get punished by only being able to get paid a certain percentage of the production from that leg? That’s what’s called punishing the rep and Soul Purpose does not do that.

2. Infinity Payout – Once you reach the position of Diamond Executive in Soul Purpose you pick up a 2% infinity payout on your entire organization. While most network marketing companies today are capping off their payout at level 5 or level 7, Soul Purpose is paying out through infinity.

3. You don’t have to balance legs – It seems as if today Binary Comp Plans are popping up by the minute. But with a Binary plan, most times than not, you have to balance out your legs before you can get paid. Then there are other binary plans that will only get payout on the lesser of the two legs, which is totally not fair to the rep. I find Binary comp plans to be one of the most difficult to work. Even if you find yourself recruited by a top recruiter who may make it seem like all you have to do is sit back and watch them place people under you, often you will quickly discover that in order to get full pay you must balance the legs, and it becomes discouraging very fast.

4. Low volume requirements – With most comp plans in order to reach the top position you need 6 figures in production, however with the Soul Purpose comp plan, you only need 5 figures of production to reach the top, which is the lowest in the industry.

5. Paid Out at New Title When You Promote to It – The majority of network marketing companies today will not pay you at a new title when you promote it. You usually have to wait until you re-qualify at that pin level before you can receive that level of pay out, which penalizes that rep. But with Soul Purpose you are paid at the new title, when you promote to it.

6. Monthly Profit Sharing Pool – With the Soul Purpose when you qualify for the profit sharing pool, you receive your piece of that pie, each and every month that you qualify for it. With most MLM companies, they will give you a bonus once and that’s it. Some will take that one-time payment and spread it out over time, but with Soul Purpose, you get it each and every month you qualify for it.

7. Cash Dream Bonus – While most companies have a car program, Soul Purpose not only has a car program, but it also has a Dream bonus that equates to an extra $600-$1000 each and every month for those who qualify and you can do whatever you want with the cash.

As you can see from the data presented above, Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company has one of the best compensation plans in the network marketing industry. It’s no wonder that people are flocking to the company in droves.

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