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Angel Fancy Dress Costumes – 3 Different Suggestions For an Adult Angel Costume

Angel fancy dress costumes have got to be one of the most striking of all ladies outfits. There is something wonderfully feminine about an adult angel costume and they often take centre stage at costume parties and Christmas office parties.

Nowadays, there are a number of different kinds of angel fancy dress costumes that you can buy online. Below are my favourite types of adult angel outfits, to give you some inspiration when choosing your costume for the upcoming party.

Angel wings fancy dress

I consider angel wings fancy dress costumes as those glamourous outfits that centre around a pair of marabou feather wings. They are usually reasonably conservative in style, which means that they are a great choice of outfit for the more mature lady, and they can usually be safely worn to most types of costume party.

If you are considering wearing this type of outfit to the party, then it is definitely a good idea to check the wingspan of the marabou feather wings, especially if you know that the venue of the party is going to be tight for space.

Sexy angel costume

Another type of angel outfit that is particularly popular amongst younger ladies during the festive period is the sexy angel costume. What I like about sexy angel outfits is that this is one of those types of costumes that can look very sexy without being the least slutty. Having said that, because of the subject matter, what you might consider perfectly acceptable might be frowned upon by others. Therefore, in my opinion it is important to make a judgement call before purchasing this particular type of costume depending on where the party is going to be held and who is actually going to be present.

Novelty Cupid outfit

My final costume suggestion is a novelty type of angel fancy dress, the Cupid outfit. Strictly speaking Cupid is the Roman god of erotic love and beauty, the son of the of the Roman goddess Venus and the Roman god Mercury. However, in art and literature he is usually portrayed as a little naked winged boy or baby, armed with a bow and a quiver of arrows, and so has that angelic look about him.

Most Cupid fancy dress costumes are actually for the ladies, despite Cupid being male, and usually consist of a white or pink outfit with love hearts, marabou feather wings and a bow and arrow. This is a great outfit at costume parties all year round, but especially so around about the 14th February, where it makes the ideal Valentine’s Day fancy dress outfit.

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