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Antique Wall Clocks Are Unique

It is a fascinating project to learn even a little about antique wall clocks with their unique styles and outstanding workmanship and to marvel at how they have endured for sometimes centuries.

Many owners of their parents’ or grandparents’ clocks have no idea of their value or collectability because they have always taken for granted that these magnificent pieces have graced the homes of their relatives all their lives.

Sometimes the chiming of the clocks or the sounds of the cuckoos are actually a nuisance to people rather than being appreciated and prized as heirlooms.

Cuckoo clocks date back to the 1880’s and were seen as technological advances. A trademark stamp put on the clock somewhere can be researched to determine its age, where it came from, and who made it. The true antiques are worth thousands of dollars and are works of art. A side benefit to some is to look inside carefully to see if someone hid money or valuables along the way, which used to be a popular thing to do!!

Antique wall clocks add elegance to a room with their fine craftsmanship creating a topic of discussion by visitors.

Because each piece of the clock was lovingly and well made, the clock normally continues to work well after all these years, even those wound with a key and depending on weights and a pendulum.

There are numerous clock designs, many of which are unusually beautiful and unbelievable.

A rare Stromberg Self Winding Master Clock, for instance, has a temperature compensating mercury pendulum visible through two glass jars and a brass bob pendulum, and it still keeps perfect time!!

Many mahogany cases are beautiful. and bronze was a favorite metal to use whether as decorative areas on top of or on the clock or the hands or perhaps even as the clock itself being a solid cast bronze.

There are antique wall clocks made specifically for sportsmen such as golfers, a sconce clock with twin candle holders, those depicting train stations and many other scenes, the ever popular grandfather clocks, and I even found one that honors the Savannah Botanical Society founded in 1913 by plantation women!!

Many clocks have Roman numerals as their numbers, and knowing those symbols is becoming a dying art as most school children are not taught what those mean these days.

Treasure these precious timepieces and pass them along to your heirs for their continued enjoyment.

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