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Are You On The Right Track To Losing Weight Fast And Getting Your Dream Body? (Test Yourself Here)

You want your dream body, right? You’re willing to find out what it takes, then take action, and then stay consistent, right? Okay, if you are going to be travelling down the right path to an amazing body, then chances are you will past the following test will flying colors!

Let’s begin…

1. Are you going to have your motivating goals figured out BEFORE starting a diet and exercise plan?

If you answered yes, then you are one step closer to an amazing body!

A motivating goal is a goal that gets you very excited and will make you focus heavily on reaching that goal. For example, a motivating goal could be something like you wanting to lose 2 dress sizes so that you will look amazing in a wedding dress. Or, you want to get ripped so that you’ll look amazing at the beach. Or, you want to get an amazing body so that you’ll feel more confident and attractive. Etc.

Now, don’t get me wrong here, it of course is VERY important that you have a primary goal as well. A primary goal would be something like preventing diseases, living longer, etc. And for some, a primary goal may actually be your motivating goal.

2. Are you going to do resistance training and not just cardio?

Did you answer yes? If you did, awesome!

Building muscle (and I’m not talking about HUGE muscles and having extraordinary strength) is very important if you want to get a killer body. When you build lean muscle, your body will be able to burn off fat faster, you’ll increase your metabolism, and so much more.

Of course, you should do cardio as well, but I recommend that you don’t focus heavily on it.

3. Are you going to start drinking more water?

I hope you answered YES!

Drinking more water is not just effective for losing weight fast, it is also effective at improving MANY other areas of your health as well (a better digestive system for example).

When you drink more water, you’ll lose excess water weight, you’ll increase energy, you’ll improve your digestive system, you’ll feel so much more healthier, and more!

4. Are you going to avoid starving and depriving yourself?

If you answered, “uhm… heck yeah”, then good for you!

Depriving yourself and more importantly, seriously decreasing your calorie intake, are surefire ways to slowing down your metabolism, disrupting your digestive system, regaining any weight you’ve lost, getting side-effects (like headaches), and more!

5. Are you going to avoid fad dieting?

Did you answer yup? Great!

Fad dieting (such as those low-calorie, low-carb, low-fat, starve-yourself, eat-nothing-but-8-billion-bananas-a-day types of diets) are HIGHLY ineffective, unnatural, and will cause you more problems than you had when you began dieting!

6. Are you going to go with a natural diet instead?

Yes? Awesome!

A natural diet plan is by far the smartest thing you can do. If you choose the right plan and if you stick with it consistently (which most online plans are easier to stick to since they are based around VERY simple diet techniques), then you can certainly expect to shed pounds of fat faster than you think and get that dream body you’ve always wanted…

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