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Asian Men Dating Black Women Guide

This is a short Asian men dating black women guide. If you’re an Asian guy who love black women (like one of my friend) I’m going to give you a couple of tips to find yourself a black girlfriend — because finding a black girlfriend doesn’t have to be hard, if you know what to do.

I’m going to show you how to dress, so you instantly attract dark skinned women and they will compliment you like no tomorrow. Another tip is where to meet plenty of black women. Sounds good? Let’s get started…

1. How to dress in order to attract women like bees on honey

I have an Asian friend who attract ladies of all races like no tomorrow based on dress style alone. He very mediocre looking when he’s at home, but he puts on his “dressing gear” and looks like a rockstar, so women flock to him.

Of course you don’t have to overdo and dress like a rockstar but you don’t have to be boring and wear plain t-shirt, jeans and running shoes either. What I recommend is between the two extremes.

Wear a nice dress shirt that is tailored to your body. Have it unbutton and it doesn’t hurt if there is a nice design on the dress shirt. Wear something that ladies can compliment you on, like a unique necklace or bracelet. (If you have no idea what to buy, ask a female friend to take you out shopping) Try not to wear running shoes when you’re going out, but rather nice dress shoes because we know all women pay attention to shoes.

The lesson: Dressing different will make you stand out of the crowd and will start conversations easily.

2. Where to meet (plenty) of Black women

There are certain parts of the city where there are dark skinned women, just like how there are Chinese people in China town. Find out where there is a high concentration of African people and hang out at that part of town, especially the mall and coffee shops.

Alternatively you could use Internet dating to find plenty of black women. Bonus: on some dating sites there are options to find women who have fetish for Asian men.

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