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Aspects of Stretch Mark Cream That You Should Know About

Getting stretch marks after pregnancy is something that is a reality and which impacts over 90% of women. These marks are caused due to the woman gaining weight all of a sudden during the build up to the pregnancy and which leads to the skin getting elongated. The effects begin to be seen during and after the seventh month of pregnancy. These are manifested in the form of tiny tears that appear like bands, which are initially red and then become white with the passage of time. Fortunately, the use of a good stretch mark cream can help you obliterate these marks to have your skin glowing and without blemish.

These stretch marks are usually found near the abdomen as well as near the thighs. They appear ungainly and most women would want to get rid of them at the earliest. The ideal way to tackle them and one which has been time tested is the application of a stretch mark cream or oils from reputable brands including Bio Oil, SilDerm and Mene & Moy.

In addition to the efficacy of the stretch mark cream, there are other factors like the natural complexion of the individual, the extent of the stretch mark, the time it has been there and the age of the individual. No two individuals may have the same results out of a stretch mark cream but overall, a good quality one should benefit most women irrespective of the above factors and their possible influence.

So how should you select a stretch mark cream? Follow the tips given below:

1. The ingredients that go into their manufacture are very important to start with. Moisturisers like cocoa butter, use of vitamins D, B5 and E, exfoliating substances like glycolic acid are the most effective and a must in any cream. These have proved their effectiveness over time and even if they do take time to produce results, they definitely cannot cause any harm to your skin. You need to therefore check out the concentration or percentage of these ingredients used in the cream to determine the probable effectiveness of the cream.

2. Taking professional advice from a good dermatologist would also help. There may be other ingredients that may be recommended by the skin doctor which you may not be aware of that may have the same effect. Moreover, the experience of the doctor does count a lot.

3. If you are unsure about a particular brand, play safe and opt for a well known brand such as Mene & Moy over others that may be available at a cheaper rate. This is a question of the safety of your skin and you do not want to take any chances.

4. Taking recommendations and references from others about a particular stretch mark cream would also help you zone in on one.

5. Finally, reading about the condition and how others have coped with it would give you sufficient information to try out the right product.

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