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Baby Headbands and Hats That Will Keep Your Baby Fashionable, Warm, and Adorable

Babies can be tough to dress especially if they are newborn infants. And of course, you want your baby looking its cutest when being introduced to your family, friends, and coworkers. But what if your baby is fussy and hasn’t gotten used to full ensembles yet? Well, another way to dress up your baby is to use hair accessories that are comfortable, warm, and cute. Nowadays there are a million baby products out there, so which ones are best for your baby?

First of all, why is it so important for babies to wear hats and keep warm? During winter storms or other winter events, dressing appropriately is key to staying safe and warm, especially for a new born infant or toddler! Wind speeds, especially during the winter, can be perilously high even if the temperature is low. So even though it might only be 50 degrees outside, it is, in actuality, much colder! This means you should dress accordingly during cold seasons in order to protect yourself and your baby. Did you know that most heat is lost through a person’s head? That’s why it’s strongly suggested by the American Red Cross to not only dress in layers, but to also wear a hat that covers your ears. And this brings us to the different types of hats that are great for babies during cooler weather. Don’t let a babies’ ears go cold, make sure they wear a hat!

What is a Crochet Headband?

Crochet headbands are both soft and fluffy for your newborn or toddler. These headbands are wonderfully easy to put on, simply stretch the crochet headband and place it over your child’s head and pull back until it rests above the forehead. The best part? These crochet headbands are so soft they won’t mark your infant’s forehead with creases or lines. Crochet headbands are usually handmade hair accessories that come in a variety of colors, so no matter if you have a baby boy or girl, they can look adorable with little hassle to you.

What are Kufi Hats?

Kufi hats are short, round, and brimless baby hats that can stretch over a baby’s head with ease. They are soft, durable, and fluffy. They are also easy to accessorize with more hair accessories! Simply clip on a hair bow or a flower clip and your baby will be the toast of the town among your family and acquaintances. Kufi hats can also be worn by women for a chic and feminine look.


Headbands are great for babies and toddlers because it holds the hair in place, allowing your baby to have a fresh and clean appearance, something every parent has trouble with! Headbands come in a variety of materials that can range from lycra, nylon, sequins, or lace. The best part? Headbands that are made out nylon and are crocheted can also cover the ears during cold weather. The good thing about headbands is that they are comfortable, cheap, and amazingly interchangeable so that you can match your baby’s eyes, shirt, or shoes.

Keep in mind that not all hair accessories are created equal. Be sure to look for headbands and hair accessories that are durable, high quality and CPSC Regulated. CPSC is a federal agency that makes sure American consumers are safe from products that can cause harm, bodily injury, or death.

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