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Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt

There are many things to think about when planning a bachelorette party from the invitations, food, decorations, and most important games. One of the more exciting parts of planning a bachelorette party is the bachelorette games. There are a handful of games to choose from but the most popular is the bachelorette scavenger hunt game.

The bachelorette hunt is a great game for most bachelorette parties because of its versatility.

You can have a naughty scavenger hunt which might include items like asking a guy for a condom from his wallet, asking a random guy to give his underwear or a have a guy take a body shot off the brides stomach. Here are a couple of our favorite naughty items.

Naughty Scavenger Hunt Items

1. Have a random guy give the bride a lap dance

2. Have a stranger hold a shot glass between his legs and take the shot

3. Spank the cutest guy in the room butt

4. Remove your bra without taking off your shirt and give it a guy

5. Go to a fire station, have one of the firemen dress up in his firefighting suit

If you want a clean and classy game then you might consider items like having a guy serenade the bride or having a guy buy the bride a drink. Here are a couple of our favorite classy items.

Clean and Classy Scavenger Hunt Items

1. Finding a bald man and kissing his head

2. Have a guy give the bride a piggyback ride around the bar

3. Give the ugliest guy in the bar a kiss

4. Dance with a stranger

5. Challenge someone you don’t know to a chug a beer

Scavenger Hunt items don’t always have to include men or drinking. You can include search items on your list. These items could include just about anything but some of our favorites are pictures, items in the room, personal items(makeup). You can make it fun for the bride to include items that have meaning to her like childhood memorabilia.

Hunts can be fun but they involve planning a head of time. You will need to make the hunt list ahead of time. You can either do a traditional scavenger hunt on paper or use the bachelorette scavenger hunt app on your mobile phone. Which ever method you use make sure to keep the bride in mind when picking items and remember to HAVE FUN!!!

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