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Being Hooked to Pottery Barn

Once upon a time I thought that Pottery Barn was overpriced and overrated. I’ve since changed my mind and become a total addict!

A while back, I spent maybe thirty minutes wandering through the aisles and was very pleasantly surprised. They have anything you might need for any part of your house or your home decor! They have furniture and lighting, linens, dishes, they have it all. I was converted.

It really didn’t take very long when I first walked in I sat on the most comfortable sofa I’ve ever sat on. It was a leather sofa of fantastic quality, just a gorgeous piece. I wanted it for my own living room of course.

I kept looking around and found that the bedding was also top notch. They have quilts including patchwork ones, organic sheets, all kinds of beautiful bedding in designs from contemporary to classic.

The rug selection is also amazing. You can find everything from traditional Persian rugs to more graphic and modern patterned rugs. I was so pleased with the selection I wished that I could get rid of all of my decor and start over with all Pottery Barn stuff! When I got home I went online to look around more.

On the website I discovered that Pottery Barn also has collections for children and teens. They are both amazing, the teen collection is cool and hip and the children’s section is so cute you can’t even imagine. I thought: these would be perfect for my nephew, who leaves for college next year!

I sent my nephew the link to the online site. I’m sure he’ll have a great time decorating his dorm room with the help of Pottery Barn.

I love the quality of everything at Pottery Barn. The items are as well made as they are beautiful. There are items for every decor, from the traditionalist to the most mod and edgy home.

Overall, I cannot recommend Pottery Barn highly enough. Anybody could find fantastic items at this store, no matter their taste. Yes, the items can be somewhat expensive, but the selection is so great and the quality so high that shopping here is investing in quality.

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