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Belly Dancing Costumes – Top Tips

Whether you are a professional or just beginning to discover this wonderful art, belly dancing costumes are one of the most glorious aspects. Whether you are into sensual, fantasy or romantic there are a fabulous variety of styles to choose from that will make you look and feel the part.

Belly dancing costumes are one outfit you will definitely be shopping around for and sometimes the best outfits you can find will be online and even come from far away countries and so you must take care to measure yourself correctly when purchasing these items.

Taking Measurements

People all too often just don’t realise the importance of taking their measurements exactly. If you are not confident at taking your own measurements ask a friend or even a professional seamstress for help. Making sure yours are carefully taken down will give you the most assurance that any belly dancing costumes ordered online will in fact fit well. There are many comprehensive guides to taking measurements on the internet like which gives you a thorough guide.

Buying Internationally and Size Charts

If the outfit you have fallen in love with and absolutely must have comes from a country other than your own it is vital that you convert your size correctly, especially your bra size for the belly dance top. I have found this wonderful site that does just that for you. All you have to do is select your dress size for your own country and will then display equivalent measurements for up to 17 different countries.

Finding Shops that Stock Belly Dancing Costumes

Unless you live in a big city you are unlikely to have a local bellydance shop nearby that stocks belly dancing clothes. If you do, that’s great, but for most of the rest of us we need to look online to find our belly dance costumes and accessories.

Get a Referral

I have found that asking other belly dancers is the best way to find out about the best shops for belly dance accessories and supplies. Most areas now have some sort of belly dance lessons on offer and stopping by to chat to the instructors is a great way to start finding out about these hidden gems.


When buying anything internationally or online you cannot be sure of the quality until you are actually holding the garment in your hand or better still once you are wearing it. Of course the price often dictates the quality of the garment, but not always. I have found that once you have purchased from a company and find their garments to fit well, it is best to stick with them as long as they are stocking what you want.

However, finding a good seamstress or learning a few tricks in this department yourself will always ensure that you can take care of the minor adjustments necessary to make any belly dancing costume fit like a glove.

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