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Best Beaches in Sardinia

Sardinia, a small continent in the middle of the Mediterranean, is the perfect place for a beach holiday. There are many other things to do on this island, from mountain hikes to culture-rich towns and historic sites. The main draw though, are the beautiful beaches, which have been drawing people here for generations. Here are a few of the very best beaches on offer on this magical island:

Rena Majori della Nurra, Sassarri

If you are looking for somewhere uncrowded and yet just as beautiful as some of the most heavily frequented spots, then look no further. This beach is a little hard to reach, and so is never crowded by tourists, but it offers a beautiful land and sea-scape, wild nature, and some of the best diving opportunities on the whole island, to see the unspoiled seabed beneath the beautiful, clear waters.

Spiaggia Rosa, Budelli

This pink strand on the tiny island of Budelli, one of the Magdalena Archipelago, is so coloured because of all the fragments of red coral in the sand. Unfortunately, due to tourists stealing the sand and taking it away, you can no longer reach the beach, but if you hire a boat, you can view this beautiful, unique beach and take pictures from the sea.

Is Arutas, Cabras

This isolated coastline is different to that of other stretches of the Sardinian coast, as the sand is composed of rice-like grains of pinkish, greenish and pure white quartz instead of having been ground from the more common calcareous rock. The colourful quartz grains shimmer on the sea bed, beneath clear water tinged with a greenish blue hue. This beach and its neighbours are far from the centres of mass tourism, though this beach is popular with surfers. Still, you are likely to be able to enjoy the natural beauty of this wild location undisturbed.

Cala Luna, Baunei/Dorgali

Some people say that this is the most beautiful cove on the whole island. Its clear waters and fine white sand can be reached by walking along the coastal path, or, more easily, from the sea. One of many bays that can most easily be reached by boat – which makes hiring a boat whilst here an attractive proposition.

Su Giudeu, Domus de Maria

The clear seas and fine white sand on this beach make it one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean sea. All around it, dunes that can reach twenty meters in height protect and shelter, covered with juniper bushes, providing welcome picnic spots.

Whether you are looking for sun, sand and relaxation, a good place to take some beautiful photographs, or a more active holiday, Sardinia has a lot to offer. If you leave the car behind and head off on walks of the coastline, you will be bound to find more beaches that are free from crowds and you may even have an idyllic spot all to yourselves. What more could you possibly want from your European beach holiday in the sun?

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