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Best Juicer Machines & Best Rated Juicers

In a centrifugal machine, the blades spin at high-speed inside the chamber. The produce fed through the feed tube comes in contact with the fast spinning blades and shred to bits and due to the centrifugal force are thrown against the chamber walls made of mesh.

The juice flows out through the pores of the mesh and pulp is thrown into the pulp box. When you feed leafy vegetables through this tube it does not get shredded or juiced but simply thrown into the pulp container.

Blending Vs Juicing

Some people do swear by blenders as it retains the pulp in addition to extracting the juice.

If you are into blending there are options for that too. But don’t confuse between the two. Some people refer to juicing appliances as blenders and vice versa. In truth they are completely difference machines.

While a Breville juice fountain separates the fruit into pulp and juice, a blender doesn’t. It pulverizes entire fruit so it retains the fiber and everything that you put into the blender.

In a Breville juice fountain juicing machine all the solids – skin, pulp, seed, fiber are separated into separate container and only the liquid part is squeezed into the juice container. It’s the concentrated goodness of the fruit that you get in a cup.

Not all appliances make same quality of juice. Due to different methods employed the quality of juice varies.

Centrifugal juicing machines use fast spinning blades to shred the produce and force the tiny pieces against a wire mesh which squeezes the juice out through the tiny holes and passes into the juice container while the pulp is thrown into another bin.

There is much noise, heat and froth in this type of juicing. The Breville juice fountain is of centrifugal type.


Speed of juicing
Prep times are low as large pieces can be fed into the juicing machine
Easy to assemble and use.


Prep time is longer
Lower quality of juice as nutrients lost to oxidation and heat.
Shelf life shorter

Masticating juice makers:

A masticating type appliance on the other hand slowly crushes the small pieces between the slow-moving auger and tube like outer shell of the juicing maker and squeezes out the juice in a slow and deliberate fashion.

You can not hurry a masticating type of juicing machine. It is slow and you have to get used the slow and silent method of working. Quality of liquid extracted is higher as there is no agitation of the juice so very little oxidation.

Also yield is higher compared to a Breville juice fountain juicing machine as every bit of liquid is extracted from the produce. Works well even with hard, leafy greens.


Higher juice yield
Longer shelf life
Multi-functional appliances


Longer prep times

Triturating type

There are other type of juice makers like Triturating ones which are equipped with twin-gears.

These gears rotate and crush the produce to extract juice of high quality at a slow speed. All kinds of fresh produce can be juiced in this type of appliance without loss of quality.

But they are very large, heavy and expensive. These machines are generally designed for commercial purposes.

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