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Blogging For Starters

A blog is an information journal, where you can post and update information on a regular basis. Unlike regular websites, blogs can be updated hourly, daily or weekly for better performance and comments of readers is also allowed making it more interesting. Getting a killer blog is not as difficult as you may think, you just have to avoid common mistakes and never be in a hurry to set up a blog. Before setting up a blog make sure you carry out a thorough research on a particular niche of your choice. To find a hot niche or topic visit sites like ClickBank, Free IQ and Amazon, as well as affiliate and article directories.

To get a hot niche just check websites like More Niche and 5 star affiliate program. As a starter, never start with a make money niche; because it is a very competitive niche and thousands of experts with millions of web portals are positioned there already. If you start with such a niche you are sure to be beaten hands down even before you start.


Internet marketing is all about creating products and services aimed at solving lifetime problems of mankind. In order to succeed as a professional Blogger you need to create a blog aimed at solving people problems.

Some good niches to tap from includes;






Parental care

Family planning



Child upbringing


Job vacancy


Beauty Enhancement

Sports among others

You can do a research on hot niches by visiting Google hot-trends


There are two types of blogs; paid and free blogs. Emphasis is going to be laid on opening a free blogger account in this section.

Have it in mind that the free blogs are almost dead and they will not put you in view as a serious blogger. But you can still try them out and master certain elements in it as they are similar with paid blogs to some extent. Blogger, WordPress and 21Publish offer a free blog platform for those who want to try their hands on blogging.

To be an authority in blogging; register your own domain and host your site; then install WordPress via Fantasico file and then you have your own personalised blog. Having a blog with your own personal domain name is the best thing that can happen to a serious blogger.

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