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Bridal Hair Designs

Getting your wedding hairdo right for your wedding is not something you will do overnight. Time and effort is required to be sure that you have the wedding hairdo that both suits you on the day and is comfortable.

Here are 7 tips on how to prepare your hair for your wedding day:-

Step1: The day you decide on the date for your wedding day is the day you start thinking about your wedding hairdos, to ensure that your hair will look its very best on the day. At this stage I would consider having a consultation with your hairdresser and if she/he is a good hairdresser you would need to make that appointment right now, especially if it is a week end wedding. It is best to choose a proper Bridal stylist, which may cost more, but is well worth it, as it will give you piece of mind. For best results do bring along your wedding hair pieces and get your bridal hairstylist to fit it for you, which will allow you to see how you will look on the day.

Step 2: To ensure that you get your hair into top condition for your wedding day – every 6/9 weeks have regular trims and hair treatments. At least 6/9 weeks before your wedding day is a great time to have your official wedding hair trial and don’t forget to bring your wedding hair pieces on the day to complete your beautiful picture as to how you will look on your wedding day.

Step 3: As soon as you have chosen your beautiful wedding gown, bring the photo of your bridal wedding gown to your bridal hairstylist, so that she knows the wedding look you are trying to create and that will help them style your hair to compliment your beautiful wedding dress. Perhaps an Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly look is what you are after, or even a Madonna look, whatever it is keep your bridal hairstylist in the picture.

Step 4: When it comes to choosing the best look for you I would trust your bridal stylist as they will know best what hairstyle is going to last you all day and all night. Yes you want that hairstyle to keep its style even when you are dancing like Michael Jackson at midnight. So trust your stylist on that one. You can be elegance personified.

Step 5: If you need colour or treatment your stylist will advise you to get this done at least 10 days prior to the wedding. Don’t leave colouring to the last minute as you want to give your hair time to settle down and for you yourself to get used to the new you.

Step 6: Use your bridal hairstylist as your consultant and whatever he or she tells you to do to your hair in between visits – pay attention and do just what you are told. Remember pay with attention or pay with pain.

Step 7: Now enjoy picking the wedding hair pieces of your choice, whether you have medium wedding hair, long or short you will find the bridal headwear, bridal veils, wedding hair pieces and wedding hair clips are at my site – so go on and enjoy preparing your wedding hair. After all you are worth it.

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