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Card Making Supplies – Pens and Paints

There are a whole range of different pens, pencils and paints you want in your card making supplies kit. This article goes into a variety of different types.

Felt Pens

You can get felt tip pens in a wide assortment of colors and thicknesses, from broad tips to fine tips and just about everything in between. You can use them for inking your rubber stamps in intricately colored patterns, as well as using them to create designs directly onto the card, for instance to draw borders on your cards or card toppers, to highlight things in your design, or just for writing messages on the card. They’re also useful stamping supplies.

Gel Pens

These are my favorite type of pen and I use these a lot to highlight different aspects of a stamped image, to write messages and to write a “Handmade by Karen” logo on the back of the cards I make. They are a must have, and I tend to get this type of card making supplies online.

Gel pens come in metallic colors, glittered colors, pastel colors (which look best on dark paper) and the usual plain ordinary colors. They’re a little like paint in that you can use a lighter colored pen on dark paper and it not only still shows up, it actually stands out better than on lighter paper.

Marker Pens

Double tipped marker pens are a huge asset as they have a broad tip as well as a fine tip, which ensures your colors match on your card when you’re using both ends of the same pen in different parts of the design! They’re very useful when you want to color in sections of a stamped image.

Silver, Gold and Bronze Marker Pens

If you want to create a metallic paint effect, these are the pens that will create it for you. You’ll want some fine tipped ones as well as some broad ones. To get these to work you press down and some metallic ink comes out which you then draw with. If you want to color a large area though, I tend to press down and get a reasonable amount of ‘paint’ out and then use the tip of the pen at an almost horizontal angle to spread it around as this means you don’t end up with pen strokes.

Watercolor Paints

For background patterns and artsy looking skies for scenes on your cards, these are perfect. You can create very washed out patterns by adding extra water, or keep the colors vibrant with less water. They really are very versatile and extremely useful to have in your card making supplies.

Acrylic Paints

To be able to paint on acetate you’re going to need this type of paint. You can then use your creations in window cards and as an overlay to other designs.

Invest in quality pens and paints and they should last you a long time.

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