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Celebrity Makeup Looks – Classic Beauty Or Modern Beauty?

When searching for celebrity makeup looks it is important to consider your own style. Are you more a classic beauty or a modern beauty? Do you want something wild and colorful, or something more mild and easy to wear? What is your face shape, coloring and just how comfortable are you to experiment? These are all good questions.

For the classic look, go simple but bold. Take a cue from Bridget Bardot and give yourself deep, dreamy eyes by gently drawing dotted lines in and above your natural eye line with liquid liner. You can also use smokey eye shadows and black mascara to really make your eyes pop. As for your lips you can either make them as bold as your eyes with some deep red lipstick, or keep it simple with a touch of lip stain.

Modern celebrity makeup looks can be glamorous or simple, but thankfully, they are easy to transition between the two. However, throwing on some liner and big red lips may not be enough to achieve the modern celebrity style.

To start, if you have problem skin, use this great celebrity secret; apply a thin layer of concealer first, then with a sponge, apply your foundation for a natural look.

For your eyes, use some eyeshadow primer on the lids all the way to the brow. This will give your powder makeup something to bond with. Choose colors that are the same, but in varying shades. The darkest shade will be on the crease, the second darkest on the eyelid itself and the lightest just below the brow line. Next, gently curl your eyelashes, apply your mascara and add a bit of powder to make them look thicker. If your eyelashes are a little on the sparse side, it isn’t unheard of to use false lashes. In fact, most celebrities do!

There are a few celebrity makeup looks that will undoubtedly always be in style:

Catherine Zeta-Jones – chic, simple and elegant.

Pearlescent liquid foundation applied all over for an even skin tone. A light brown or dusky rose blush. A beige tone for the brow line, a dusky pink for lid and a dramatic warm wine for the crease. For the lips, a neutral beige liner and a coat of mauve lipstick lightly blotted.

Winona Rider – funky, fun and simple.

A light foundation well blended. Soft pink blush, a slightly pearlescent beige and copper for the eyes and bright red lipstick.

Beyonce Knowles – hip, glamorous and modern.

Use a foundation as close to your own shade as possible, or go natural! A peach shade of blush. Shimmery gold eyeshadow for the eyelid and brow and chestnut for the crease, with a dark brown for eyeliner. Choose a matching lip liner in a light orange or peach tone and a bit of gloss for shine.

Just remember, whatever style you choose, make it your own and work it!

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