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Characteristics of Success

When looking into some of the key characteristics of success, I’ve found those that are successful have a:

  • Desire to change
  • Willingness to learn
  • Are accountable and make no excuses

When you want to have more success in your life begin to ask these questions. Do you have a genuine desire to change your current circumstances? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to change them for the better? Do you accept that success is something that you have to make happen? Alternatively are you more likely to throw up your hands and say: “What’s the point, I can’t have the life I truly want and that’s all there is to it?”

If the answer to the above question is yes then there is the irrefutable proof you need as to why your life is as it is. Whatever you most believe deep in your heart; whatever you focus on consistently is what is going to show up. So today why not take the decision to say:

” I __________ have a genuine desire desire to change my life for the better, to do whatever it takes to get my life to where I want it to be. “

That statement consistently stated, will begin to unlock your inner potential, will begin to bring to you the support, opportunities and training that you may need to take you to the next level.

This brings us nicely to the next step: A willingness to learn. If you believe you already have the answers and that there is nothing else that you need to learn, then your life should be exactly as you want it to be with no exceptions. Your skill set may need updating, if that is the case take the time to look for opportunities to do so. Even if you are working full time there are always ways to take home study courses or part time courses that fit in with your lifestyle. If you are unemployed or on low income then there are courses available either free or with minimal investment. From basic literacy courses to advanced level degrees – the course or training that is right for you is out there. Invest in yourself it will pay dividends. Not only in increased income but also in increased self-esteem and confidence, which are also the key personality traits of successful people.

Make no excuses: Your life is the way it is because of you; not because of your parents, education, background, race, or gender. Though the truth is if you are facing restrictions based on the above, then you WILL have to be more resourceful, courageous, outrageous and determined to get where you need to go. There is no doubt about that; but on the plus side if you conquer those ‘demons’ then you will be an inspiration to others who faced the same discrimination as you and want to change their circumstances.. Use the restrictions placed upon you to ‘step up’ into your greatness.

Holding yourself accountable for your actions as well as your circumstances is essential. If you are generally unfocused and inconsistent, then use the power of the pen to focus yourself. Write down your goals, to-do-lists, obstacles and their solutions. This will give you the clarity you need. Give yourself a timescale to complete goals, and have a personal celebration when you do. Honoring your achievements no matter how small is also a trait of successful people.

Most of all be kind to yourself and be patient with your shortcomings large or small. State: “I am doing the best I can and my best can only get better.” Then strive to make that so.

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