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Combating Degenerative Disease – Our Current Health Crisis

A day doesn’t go by that I don’t hear the story of someone recently diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, recently having cysts or kidney stones removed, or suffering from arthritis, frequent colds, or just plain fatigue. It seems that just about everyone has a health problem. In the same circles I also hear comments about how their parents and grandparents didn’t suffer from these ailments. People recognize that today these health issues have become epidemic. Many people even accept the fact that our diet plays a major role in today’s health crisis, but sadly few people ever make any real lifestyle changes.

My goal is to educate and motivate more people to make the necessary changes so they can experience a life free of disease or at least improve greatly. I want you to be healthy so we can share in good health and not be dependent upon doctors, meds, and costly health insurance policies nor contribute to the outspent government Medicaid program.

Many people just can’t understand why I eat the way I do. Let me add that these same people have a waistline measurement bigger than their chest. I’ve had people tell me that “it would be impossible” for them to eat healthy. They tell me that what I eat isn’t “real food”, or it has no flavor. I’ve been told that I eat like a bird or a rabbit. I must admit that it gets quite annoying. It’s simply a lack of health education that creates this ignorance. Once a person learns how the body works and the role of nutrition, then it will make perfect sense why they too should eat healthy.

What has happened today is that man has meddled so much with our food that it is literally void of nutrition. Remember the primary reason we eat. It’s not to fill our stomachs or enjoy the taste but rather to feed the cells of our body with the nutrition necessary to carry out all of the functions for a productive life. We are meant to be healthy and vigorously energetic. Anything short of that is not normal. Unfortunately, our society has accepted sickness as being a normal condition. We need to declare war on nutritional ignorance. As long as people continue to complain about their lack of health I will continue to promote healthy lifestyle choices. It is said that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. I hope that more people will drink the water.

Here are a few of the benefits you can enjoy by adopting a healthy lifestyle:

  • Look and feel good
  • Experience less pain
  • Avoid expensive doctor visits
  • Eliminate dependency of medications
  • Save money as a result
  • Live a more active and productive life
  • Have more energy
  • Better concentration
  • Healthier libido
  • Set a good example for our children

Life is a precious gift we can’t afford to waste. While it is true that all of us will eventually die, by living a healthy lifestyle we can lengthen our lives and greatly increase our chances of survival if tragedy strikes.

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