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Console Tables In Your Master Bedroom

For many years, console tables have served as the anchor for the living room, hallways and entryways. But increasingly, they are finding their way into other parts of the home, including the bedrooms.

While your average guestroom may not be big enough for anything more than a bed, dresser and nightstand, master bedrooms offer lots of space to spread out. As such, you have more flexibility when it comes to deciding which furnishings will work best in the room.

This can include non-traditional furnishings such as console tables, by the way. One of the reasons why alternative furnishings are becoming so popular is the fact that the lines are becoming increasingly blurred with today’s open floor plans. As such, there are no hard and fast rules regarding what furniture is supposed to go where.

For instance, a fainting couch used to be found in the parlor, but nowadays, more homeowners are adding one to their masters, in part because parlors are no longer fashionable. They are often called chaises, as people seem less likely to faint in this day and age.

Console tables are a perfect choice if you’re looking to add a table to the room. These tables are typically long, yet thin, as they were originally made to fit against a wall, or even mount on a wall in lieu of a shelf.

That’s one of the reasons console tables make an excellent addition to a master. You can add it easily against any wall, but it won’t take up a lot of space in the room, allowing you to enjoy more open floor space.

These tables have added benefits for those wanting a little more functionality out of the furniture in their bedroom. For example, console tables usually have one or more drawers in them, giving you additional storage space. They can double as a place to put on your makeup in the morning, as there is plenty of tabletop for your makeup along with the drawers for your combs and brushes.

Console tables will also work well as an entertainment center. Today’s flat screen TVs fit perfectly on the top of the table and remotes and favorite movies can be stored in the drawers below. If you wish, you can even put the electronics in the drawers, hiding away your DVD player or other electronics when they’re not in use.

If you need an extra space to get ready in the morning and only have a single sink and mirror, you can add a mirror above this table in your master and use it to get ready for work or a night on the town. If you want to add a little old world charm to the room, consider adding an antique washbasin and pitcher to the table. Now you can even shave and brush your teeth in the morning, all without having to do an expensive remodeling project.

If you have a lot of family photos that you want to display or some mementos from loved ones who have moved on, you can use these tables to showcase them. Add a little decorative doily to the table so that your picture frames won’t scratch the surface. Another great decorative option is to add an arrangement of flowers. This works especially well if you use wildflowers or other sprays of flowers that have a lovely, fragrant scent to them.

As you can see, a console table is a great idea for a master bedroom that is large enough to accommodate more furniture, particularly furniture that solves some of the more vexing storage issues we have these days. Today’s innovative designs are not only beautiful to behold, but versatile too.

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