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Cuckoos Nest – Brand Review

The Cuckoos Nest is pretty new to the designer clothing market but has recently started to make its way though stores up and down the country. You may not have heard of The Cuckoos Nest clothing range yet but you’re sure to have seen it, their innovative, bold and daring designs are unmissable and often sport famous celebrities.

The Cuckoos nest have become popular for their loose fitting t shirts that are more often than not covered in daring graphic design, their clothing is known to boast a laid back look and feel for the younger generation of fashion seekers.

Their clothing range is certainly daring but no more irregular than some of the worlds most famous designers, which makes this brands garments sought after throughout the country. T shirts and sweatshirts are as far as the range stretches at the moment but is perfect for the fashion conscious that is looking for that unique and individual style.

What can you expect?

You can expect artistic, graphically designed stylish garments at the very least, but are sure to be surprised by their unique take on famous celebrities.

More famous t shirts in their collection are those that contain Kanye West and Charlie Sheen, their faces can be seen enlarged, edited and funky photo effects added.

You can also expect to see t shirts and sweatshirts covered in extravagant graphic design. No matter what, you will not find a plain t shirt in their collection so if simplicity is your personal preference, then this collection is certainly not for you.

As I mentioned above, they are new to the industry and may not be a well known brand but I can certainly guarantee you will be seeing a lot more of this spectacular brand in the near future. Although they are new to the market men’s designer clothing stores up and down the country have taking a liking to the brand and can now be now seen throughout the high street.

Is The Cuckoos Nest for you?

Well… if you are fashion conscious and like to seek the latest trends or like to find unique clothing to enhance your individual style then this collection is for you – If you like to make a statement with your clothing then you should also check out their collection.

You may be thinking its time to leave those t shirts aside as the winter months approach, but the t shirts in this collection work perfect under a jacket or cardigan – If you prefer nice knits for the winter months then their sweatshirts may be for you.

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