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Dating Advice For Men – How to Be the Man That Can Date Even the Frostiest Woman!

There are a lot of situations where a man is not successful with their dating process. If you think that you already did your best … think again. Here are some common yet effective dating advice for men that you can follow when entering the dating arena. These tips are surely effective that you can capture even the most trained woman in dating warfare.

1. Be physically attractive. Decent clothes and shoes is a must in dating, even the most old fashioned style of shoes needs shining. Choose the type of clothes that fits your personality and body built. Have a haircut with the most decent style possible.

2. Who let the dogs out. You don’t want to smell like a dog on your date, shop for a good quality cologne and have a grooming kit. Regular shower can also make you smell good.

3. Be professional and have a job. Any type of job is better that none. Women now a day think of their future with their partner – how could you be a good provider if you are jobless.

4. Let them know you are smart. Showing the girl that you are up to date with the current events is a plus on your handsome points. Women doesn’t like stupidity and not knowing anything. If you are not the type of person who reads the news or watch television then now is the time to do it. Constant travelling also help.

5. Drink moderately. It is a turn-off for women to know that you drink in bars five nights a week. It’s fine to take her out on a drink once or twice, but don’t give her the impression that you are a bar VIP. You are less to catch a heart of a princess if you drunk more too often.

6. Love sport but don’t live with it. A lot of girls love sports as well and it’s fine to know that you have passion with them; just don’t be too passionate with it than with her.

7. No smoking please. Guys that smokes like a chimney is a major turn-off for girls, unless she also smokes herself.

8. Sort out your manners and courtesy. Women likes to be treated very well and most particularly with respect. Never let out swear words, vulgar languages, and rudeness. Never ever show laziness to your date – hold the door open for her. Guide her on the hallway and help her have a seat.

9. Know the language of fashion, jewelries and most specifically flowers.

10. Be a listener not a talker. Listen to every details she says but have your own opinions as well. Keep her interest in sharing stories but she’ll definitely bore if you do it all night – she also likes to tell you about herself. Also, remembering things that she told you will impress her to the fullest.

11. Learn the cha-cha. Even if your have both left or both right dancing to the right tune leaves a good impression. You don’t have to be a dance instructor to impress her but being seated while she’s on the dance floor – most likely she’ll forget that you’re with her.

12. Respect and never expect. Never expect that she’ll sleep with you on your first date. If you are looking forward to meeting a perfect girl there’s nothing sexier than being a patient man.

Even if you are a first time dater, a man who never dated his whole life, or a dating warfare expert these dating advice for men will surely be of help.

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