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Dress For A Job Interview: What To Wear On A Hot and Humid Day

Dressing for a job interview is crucial to making that great first impression. Image is everything so you can’t afford to take chances. You know your appearance will be judged and scrutinized the minute you walk into the interview.

Planning your attire for the job interview is a pretty straightforward process. The default standard is always conservative and professional. It’s a pretty simple rule of thumb but in the event your interview is on a hot and humid day, choosing the proper attire for a job interview has it’s own unique challenges.

Every woman has to decide what to wear to a job interview so she is ready to impress. First off, you want to look and feel like a million bucks (not necessarily with expensive clothing) but look sharp and professional so you feel confident, capable and competent.

Even though the interviewers may not remember what you are wearing, they should remember that your appearance was polished and professional. In the job interview, you will be evaluated on what you are wearing as much as what you are saying.

So what is protocol for job interview fashion on a hot day? Here’s a simple checklist you can use to plan your job interview outfit:

Clothes – You should plan to wear a skirt suit instead of pants and given the heat index, your suit for the job interview should be a lighter fabric that still allows you to breathe. Darker colors like navy or black work well for but on an especially hot day, it’s okay to go with a light gray or brown suit. You will still look sharp but won’t get overheated. Wear a cotton blouse or dress shirt in white or light pastel colors like pink, blue and green. The goal is to keep cool throughout the interview.

Shoes – You should never wear open shoes or sandals to a job interview, even on a hot day. Stick to pumps that are comfortable and give you a polished and professional look. Try to select a pair of heels that are not too high and easy to walk in. There is nothing cute about showing up in six-inch heels and tripping in the hallway.

Accessories – Your best accessory on a hot day will be a bottle of water and a pack of Kleenex tissues so you can freshen up when you arrive. If it’s really hot, you want to keep any jewelry to a minimum. The last thing you want is for your bracelet or necklace to stick to you if you start perspiring. You want as few layers of clothing as possible and minimal accessories to add to your clothing. Keep your make-up simple, light and clean. Don’t overdo the foundation or the blush just in case the air conditioner in the interview room happens to be broken. Hey, you never know.

Hair – Your hairstyle is the first to go on a hot and humid day. Choose a style that is simple to fix and still keeps your look together. The best plan is to pull your hair back in a ponytail away from your face instead letting it hang loose so it stays put. Go easy on the gel but make sure you have plenty of frizz control.

Purse РKeep your purse or handbag small and carry a briefcase with your resumé, job references and other important documents organized for easy retrieval.

Dressing for a job interview, even on a hot day doesn’t have to be so complicated right?

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