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Dressing For Your Body Shape – Curvaceous

If you want to always look your best then being aware of your body shape and the types of clothes that suit you is absolutely essential. One of the most common reasons for making clothing mistakes stems from not being aware of what suits your figure or taking advice from someone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart, for example, shop assistants.

No matter what your shape, there are some fundamental guidelines for enhancing and flattering your figure.

As a curvaceous women, you want to be able to show off your curves without over-emphasizing them. The objective should be to highlight the waist and elongate the body, skimming over curves rather than overwhelming them.

Your first priority should be a good bra that has been fitted professionally. Around 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size and this can be disastrous on curvy and large busted women. Wearing the correct bra size and style can take pounds off visually in an instant.

If you have a large bust you want to avoid anything which may make the bust appear larger. Round or plunging necklines, clingy fabrics and high waistlines can all do this. Single breasted jackets, open collars and a stand up collar (if your neck is long enough) are all great options. You also want to choose long, lightweight jewelery rather than short, chunky pieces that sit right on the bust.

If you are large in the hips the aim is to balance the widths of your upper and lower body. You can do this with pants and skirts that have vertical design lines like pinstripes, pleats, centre front stitching etc. Wrap skirts and bootleg pants are also very flattering and comfortable to wear.

It is best to stay away from cut-off pants (especially very wide styles), short skirts, large patch pockets and large belt buckles. All of these draw attention to your lower body.

To balance out your upper body choose longer tops that cover your bottom and leave them out, well-cut jackets and wide shoulder straps. If you are smaller on top, using round design lines on your upper body can also help to balance your hips, for example a boat neck or wide scooped neckline will create the desired illusion.

If you are very overweight you want to stay away from anything chunky or oversize – this includes extra large prints, hairstyles and accessories. Round necklines, short hems and full length vertical stripes will also be unflattering. Round influence also comes in the way of patterns like florals, polka dots and swirls. All round patterns will increase apparent size so a better option would be a striped or geometric design.

If you love patterned clothes, make sure you choose a pattern where the repeat is less obvious, as this will confuse the eye. Patterns where the repeat is very obvious, for example large flowers spaced widely apart on a solid coloured background will always make you appear larger.

Your will look your best in simple, classic designs with open necklines. Fine textured fabrics in medium to dark colours look very elegant and allow you to add interest with accessories. Choose accessories that are medium in size and placed high on the body for example, a scarf, brooch or necklace. These have an ‘eyes up’ affect, directing attention to your face and making your appear taller.

Simple good posture can also work wonders on curvy women in particular. Correct posture allows your clothes to fall properly and you can appear up to 2 kgs (5lbs) slimmer just by sitting, walking and standing correctly.

Knowing your body shape is crucial. These simple guidelines will help the curvaceous woman to always look and feel her best.

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