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Eating Healthy For the Busy College Student – 10 Tips to a Healthy Lifestyle

An average college student is prone to a lot of pressure. He can acquire bad habits like opting for fast food and even skipping meals. A good eating habit will definitely make a person feel better, able to deal with stress, and improve performances in school.

1. Never underestimate the value of a good breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you’re extremely busy, simply grab a piece of fruit and some juice to get you through the day.

2. Keep a stock of food within reach. Healthy items such as fruit (fresh, dried, or canned), vegetables, nuts, seeds, crackers, cereals, and yogurts prove to be great health options which you can get when hunger strikes.

3. Water therapy is a must. Drink plenty of water to rehydrate–at least eight glasses a day–especially if you’re exercising. Keep a bottle of water handy wherever you go.

4. Get a daily serving of healthy food and drinks. A good amount of fruits and vegetables assist in keeping you healthy and fit for tedious school activities. Instead of drinking soda, try to have a daily dose of fruit juices for more nutritional values.

5. Skipping lunch is a no-no. Lunch is also imperative to keep your energy level at its best. Plan ahead for busy days in school.

6. Take a break, have a snack. Sometimes, pressure could get into your nerves. If you are truly hungry, dive on a healthy snack, but if you have the urge to eat while you’re not hungry, watch out for eating disorders due to stress or boredom.

7 Socialize in a healthy way. During parties or gatherings, watch out for unhealthy food and drinks that could eventually bring problems to your wellness.

8. Include physical fitness. No matter how busy you are, there are very simple ways to keep fit, like taking the stairs in school or just strolling around the campus.

9. Be mindful of what you eat. Remind yourself of the important food you need to nourish your mind and body with.

10. Enjoy your treat. More than just nourishment, food is something to savor and enjoy.

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