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Evening Dresses For the Stylish Minded

Whether you are looking for your first prom dress, a party dress, or evening gown for a big date, the choices and selection are endless. Over the centuries style has changed, materials have improved tremendously, and fashion has dictated what should be worn where and with what accessories. But still a dress is a dress, right?

Nowadays it is far less common for women to wear dresses on a daily basis than perhaps fifty years ago. In the 1950’s, most women found wearing a pant suit to work instead of a dress or skirt and blouse was comfortable and seemed to give them added confidence on the job. At home they wore slacks or jeans and a blouse or pull over t-shirt and were comfortable while doing their household chores. “Laura Petrie”, a character on “The Dick Van Dyke Show”, was credited for bringing slacks into vogue for millions of women (and the men who admired her in them).

Today there are many styles to choose from in just a basic daytime dress (here are just a few):

– Shift

– Shirtwaist

– Jumper

– Sundress

– Moo Moo

– Spaghetti Strap

– Little Black Dress

When it comes to evening attire or a night out on the town the options are really enormous (a few examples):

– Sheath

– Shift

– Evening Gown

– Prom Dress

– Ball Gown

– Cocktail Dress

– Coronation Gown

– Wedding Gown

– Little Black Dress

Notice the Little Black Dress is mentioned in both categories. The basic black dress is somewhat of an institution that began back in the 1920’s when Coco Chanel made the idea popular. A stylish but simple basic black dress can be accessorised or left plain, depending on its use, and be the one dress that will never go out of style. It can always be worn when in doubt as to what to wear.

There are a few events that stand out in their life, and a woman needs a special dress just for these occasions. A Christening gown is the first, followed by a prom dress; next may well be an evening gown, and then the ultimate – the wedding gown. Each of these specialty gowns represent a different phase in the life of a woman, and signify the most special and memorable times for her.

Within these types of dresses or gowns are many choices in style, design, material, colour, and accessories. These choices are mostly a matter of personal preference but what’s in style at the moment plays a big part in the choices a woman makes.

A prom dress may be knee length, mid calf, or even floor length, made with yards of chiffon and strapless at the top. Colour choices are plentiful and she may even want to coordinate her dress with what her date is wearing.

Wedding dress descriptions can fill a book (and they have many times over) but there is definitely more to select from than just a basic white gown anymore.

Women have endless options when it comes to dresses, particularly evening dresses.

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