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First Communion Dresses – For Tomboys?

First Communion is coming soon and parents of little girls will be looking for her Communion dress, veil and accessories.

But what if your daughter hates dresses? Is there something for her to wear that won’t involve a big struggle?

Every year we receive emails from panicky Moms whose daughters are saying –

I won’t wear a Communion dress!

But often this really translates into –

I don’t want to look too girly, too fussy or babyish.

That is usually the root of the whole problem.

Most First Communion dresses will be the typical full, frothy ball gown-like skirts of tulle or organza or satin falling from a natural-length waistline. Lace trim, appliqués full bows and delicate beading will reign supreme. They’re darling and oh, so sweet!

But that kind of Communion dress simply is not going to go over well with the non-girly girl. That is the dress of her nightmares! Still, there really are answers to this dilemma that don’t involve being the only girl in trousers like the boys.

Instead of the typical First Communion dress style with billowy, full skirt, look more towards the A-line dress styles. Many companies produce classically styled dresses with A-line silhouettes that are the perfect alternative for the non-fussy lass to wear. These can have an empire (raised) waistline, an asymmetric waistline or even no waistline at all (typically called a “fit-n-flare” style). These silhouettes are available for First Communion from such highly reputable dress manufacturers as Elsie Mo Designs, Glam Girls, Sweetie Pie, US Angels, and more.

The skirt on the A-line Communion dress will usually bell out to be a bit full at the bottom, but there is no gathering in these dresses. Thus, she won’t feel “fussy” or “babyish”. Instead, she will look age-appropriate and properly dressed for her First Communion and yet will be much closer to her comfort zone for appearance.

A few styles are actually available in sheath style (nearly straight up and down) and are accented with details to keep them from looking too plain or casual.

Nowhere will you will find as many choices as you will by shopping on line. While brick-and-mortar retailers have to offer what sells the most, on-line stores can offer you the less commercial styles. Beyond the convenience of shopping on line you have far more diverse selection available. Not only will you be able to find a dress suitable for a little tomboy – you will also likely find styles that everybody else isn’t wearing that day too!

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