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First Date With Your Ex After A Breakup And How To Handle It

It’s been a month or so after the breakup and things have settled down a bit. With a bit of effort and soul searching, you managed to get her interested enough to hang out with you again for the first time. When you’ve been in a relationship for quite a while, it’s going to feel a bit awkward dating her again, let alone any other woman. This is your first chance at attempting to get her back so make sure you don’t screw it up.

Here are a few tips on what you need to do to make this first date a success and also ensure a better chance of getting more dates with your ex down the road.

This first one is very obvious but a lot of guys totally ignore it. It’s their appearance.

This is going to be the first time she sees you again in quite a while and you want to make sure you come across someone who still has self respect for himself. You need impress her with how good you’ve taken care of yourself.

Obviously, have on something that’s dressy, yet casual. Think dress shirt with jeans and casual dress shoes.

Also pay attention to the little details. If there’s one thing that women complain about the most, it is that men don’t pay enough attention to the little details. Make sure you don’t have any nose hairs sticking out, trim them if you do. Brush and floss your teeth, scrape your tongue. Make sure your belt and shoes match. Put on a little bit of cologne. One or two dabs on the wrist or neck is enough. Get a cool haircut.

You want her to dazzle her the moment she lays eyes on you again.

Now on to the date.

The location should be something that doesn’t involve a lot of commitment. A coffee shop is a great first date idea with your ex.

When you meet her, relax and be cool. Avoid showing negative emotions at all cost. Give her a friendly, detached hug. Treat her as if you’ve only known her for short amount of time. And don’t talk about the breakup just yet. Save that for later.

As for what to do on the date, you need to make it enjoyable and fun for HER. Make fun of her a bit and joke around. Do exciting things that you two once enjoyed doing together. Get positive emotions flowing through her system. Make sure you don’t come across as trying too hard to make her like you. Act like it’s no big deal whether she gets back with you or not. Remember, the hungry don’t get fed.

And then end the date early — especially when she’s enjoying it the most.

She’s going to be wondering “But I was having so much fun!”

“What’s going on here?”

“Doesn’t he like me anymore?”

By implementing what I just shared, you’ll have a much better chance of getting her to get back with you.

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