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For Business and Beauty, Start With Makeup Schools

If you’re going to succeed in a makeup artist career, you have to cultivate a business with smarts and know-how. The smarts come from makeup schools, and the know-how comes from experience. Read on to learn how these two makeup artist pros refined their crafts and branded themselves as makeup artist slash business wonders.

Education First

When Margina Dennis received her makeup artist training from Christine Stahl, a former instructor at the impressive makeup college, Westmore Academy of Makeup, her thirst for knowledge didn’t stop there. “I continued to take classes over the years,” explains the licensed makeup artist career pro. “I took courses in beauty, as well as film, TV, and theater techniques.” Dennis also learned eyebrow shaping and maintenance, face and body painting, and airbrushing in the process during her makeup artist training.

More than anything, Dennis realized the importance of beauty’s roots. “We learned a lot about the history of beauty and how makeup has been influenced over time,” she says. “All of this makeup artist training was great because it gave me a foundation to build upon and a basic knowledge of application.” Combining her education at makeup schools with experience, Dennis has refined her craft alongside changes in the industry and in technology.

Make no mistake, business plays a large role in Dennis’ career. How you ask? By marketing herself as a brand to be noticed. It’s not enough to learn the ropes of a being a makeup artist if no one knows you’re available. Keep this in mind when you go to school by taking courses in business during your makeup artist training. Thanks to her business mindset, Dennis has scored jobs working with celebrities such as Val Kilmer, Nancy Kerrigan, and Tom Brady. She’s even been seen on CNN, Fox, MTV2, and BET. And when it comes to print media, you may have seen her work on Teen Vogue, Entertainment Weekly, and People.

A Business Make Up

When Alison Raffaele sold out two out of the three shades of her True Concealer Duo on QVC on its debut, it was only the beginning. Was this the work of a business mogul like P. Diddy? No. Did she climb the ladder like Jennifer Lopez? No. Believe it or not, this entrepreneur went from makeup schools to biz.

The professional makeup artist Raffaele recently launched the Conceal and Set High Coverage 6-piece Kit on QVC this past September, and there’s probably more beauty goodies to come. “My goal in developing the Conceal and Set Kit is to provide women with all the essentials needed to conceal imperfections and set makeup in one convenient kit,” she says. “The secret to any complete look is to first create the appearance of a flawless complexion by eliminating the look of dark circles, shadows, and spots with a high-quality concealer, and then to set the concealer with a colorless setting powder.”

Take the advice from the professional makeup artist career pro. Not only is she the founder of Alison Raffaele Cosmetics, her credentials include a bachelor’s in art history from Fordham University and experience as Bobbi Brown, world renowned makeup artist. The unique position enables Raffaele to live at the epicenter of the cosmetic’s industry’s greatest success stories. And now she’s creating her own. To see Raffaele in action, she offers professional application tips and techniques during QVC’s “Saturday Night Beauty” broadcast.

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