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Freelance Home Writers – How to Get Paid Big Money to Write

Have you been thinking about taking up writing as a career? Do you already write for a living? Journalists and traditional writers all have one thing in common, which is that their income is limited by what their company will pay them.

Freelance home writers do not have this problem, as they are dealing directly with businesses and individuals who want work done, and are very happy to pay good money to get a freelancer to write their content for them. This is because the then don’t have to have staff dedicated to writing, which saves a lot of overheads, and because they simply don’t have time to write a lot of content, which is not their area of expertise.

Any business knows that to be successful, you have to concentrate on what you are good at, and outsource what you are not good at. This means that there is good money to be made writing from home, especially now that the internet is mainstream. Many more businesses are coming online, and outsourcing their work over the internet. Traditionally they would have hired someone locally to write their content, as there was no other option. Now however, they can get high quality work done from anywhere in the world.

This means that freelance home writers will always have a steady, reliable source of income, as the demand for freelance work will only increase over time.

A fantastic resource available to freelance home writers, are websites dedicated to freelance writing. These membership sites specialize in finding jobs and offers from companies and individuals, and providing this work for you to choose from. This means that you don’t have to do any of the traditional advertising and looking for work, as it is all provided for you as part of the service.

Another feature of these sites is the training they provide. They not only find the work for you, they will provide training to get you up to speed both technically with your writing, and practically with the everyday things of dealing with companies and individuals.

If you are serious about making big money while staying home, then a resource like this will help you enormously.

You don’t have to do this however, you could browse sites such as or, and find jobs you like. You can then bid on these jobs, show a history of good content and be accepted by the business or individual who has posted the job. Then you can do the work and get paid. It is possible to earn big money this way, but it is a lot harder to get everything organised and up and running this way.

However you choose to write, you can earn big money online, and freelance home writers can set any level of income they want! The only people who never make money online are those who didn’t do any work, and spend all their time worrying. Take action, and it will all begin to fall into place for you.

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