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Fur Coat Buying Guide

A fabulous coat is an essential piece that helps complete any feminine wardrobe. They are practical items as well as products that spell luxury and style. They perform the dual purpose of keeping you warm from the cold, chilly winds and more importantly, make you look elegant and chic. Just by simply slipping on the right coat can elevate your beauty and confidence!

Choosing which type of fur coat to buy can be a hard task, so here is a quick guide:


Sable is one of the most luxurious furs available which a rich cultural history and tradition behind it. Jackie Kennedy worse a sable trimmed coat to President Kennedy’s Inauguration. It was even worn by the Russian Royal Family for a long time as a way of distinguishing themselves from the common people due to its exorbitant cost. The sable fur that adorned the shoulders of the Russian royalty was embellished with beautiful diamonds, pure gold and silver.

Nowadays, there are a few types of sable used for making coats. The best is considered to be from Barguzin Valley in Russia. Yeniseyskiy sable comes in different shades of brown. There can also be a dash of bright, vivid silver visible and generally lighter in color than Barguzin. Also, it showcases a lesser number of silver hairs as compared to the former. The third renowned kind of sable is the Canadian sable that is used by fashion houses around the world. Chinese and Japanese sables are deemed to be of the lowest quality.


Mink fur also originated from Russia. It is derived from the hairs present on the body of the mink, which is a type of weasel. What sets this particular fur apart from all other kinds is that the hair on the body of the mink is of the exact same length. This fur is stunning to look at as there is no discrepancy when it comes to varying hair lengths, giving it a smooth finish. It is formed of perfectly proportioned hair. This is a very easily usable fur which makes it the most preferred choice for making different items of clothing like coats, jackets, capes, etc. as it gives an understated, elegant look.


Fox fur has been patronized and appreciated in all major European countries in the centuries gone by. It is said to denote luxury, opulence and extravagance. Fox fur is readily available and used frequently by fashion designers. There are innumerable colour choices in the case of fox fur. Colour choices ranging from pure white to jet black depending on the tastes of the customer. There is a dramatic elegance that comes with wearing this fur.

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