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Get Your Jersey Shore On!

America’s favorite MTV reality series has gone wild! It is so freaking popular worldwide that it has shattered MTV’s previous ratings record. The guidos and guidettes featured on the show are popular internationally for their crazy sense of fashion. Now everyone can get their Jersey Shore on. If you are getting ready to start a new year of school, just take a look at what the cast is currently wearing. Let’s take a peek at some of the possible styles:

• T-Shirts!

Those Jersey Shore t-shirts may be the ultimate clothing item. The Abercrombie & Fitch Jersey Shore T-shirts are very pricy but also very hot, hot, hot! And they are available for both sexes: their are guido t-shirts and guidette t-shirts. The company has introduced a whole host of graphic T-shirts specifically inspired by the show. The most popular guido t-shirts and guidette t-shirts bear the Jersey Shore catch phrase, “The Fitchuation.”

• Halloween Costumes!

“The Situation” (also known as Mike Sorrentino) costume may be the hottest on the Halloween costume market right now. But guys, be warned: If you invest in this costume you may want to bulk up first. Fortunately, for that very reason the costume comes with its own advice and recommendations about specific ways to prepare for that costumed evening.

• Bras!

The lovely ladies on Jersey Shore most often sport one of two brands of Victoria’s Secret bra: 1) Miracle Bra and 2) Cleavage Cupcakes.

• Faux Tan Cosmetics!

If you really want to get the right Jersey Shore look, you will need to go dark-not in clothes but in skin color. To get that tanned Italian look purchase an A-class faux tan product: Guerlain’s “Terracota” Sunless Self-Tanning Balm. This product will give you a great tanned glow effect while at the same time keeping in the moisture that healthy skin needs.

• Sunglasses!

Every guy who aspires to be a Jersey Shore-dude absolutely must keep a pair of “Stunna Shades” on hand at all times.

• Nothing!

The cast has occasionally been requested by certain clothing companies not to wear their company’s clothes on the show! Truth be told, it’s not for the reason we think. They usually make such a request because a character does not reflect the image that the company likes associated with their product. Abercrombie & Fitch who creates and manufactures the high-priced, graphic T-shirts seen on the characters has made such a request of all the cast members. This is an odd request especially considering that they are actually making money by this popular ad placement.

These clothing companies aren’t the only ones who don’t appreciate Jersey Shore fashion. In fact, this show earned the real Jersey Shore the 19th position on a list of the 40 worst-dressed places in America. The guido and guidette look is often questionable at best, but there is just something about the look that makes you want to worship their awesome trashy-artsy fashion sense.

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