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Grilling for the Single Lifestyle Is a "No-Brainer" With Table Top Electric Grills!

I’m single, and grilling is almost an everyday occurrence for me these days. It’s so much easier today! Here are just some of the reasons:

  • No more waiting for the coals to heat up
  • No more running out for charcoal, (and no more looking for a place to store the extra bags I bought on sale.)
  • I just plug in the electric grill, and in about ten minutes I’m ready to begin! I throw on just about any vegetable, slather it with olive oil (or butter), turn it once, and after about 5-7 minutes, voila!
  • Chicken breasts are the best, and they take about ten minutes to cook, coming out moist and scrumptious!
  • The difference in the taste of grilled food as compared to broiled or roasted, or even sauteed, is remarkable, and makes healthy eating a lot easier for the single girl.

Grilling on a table top electric grill is very practical for one person. Why?

  • No reason to heat up the house by turning on the oven.
  • No soaking and scrubbing of pans after the meal is eaten. (I especially love that perk!)
  • I’ve also discovered that grilled veggies and meats taste wonderful as leftovers and very often they don’t need to be reheated. Cold chicken, asparagus, zucchini, and carrots are refreshing as a light evening meal in the summer.

In the past, I had gotten into the habit of jumping in the car and loading up on burgers and fries because I couldn’t wait to eat, or I just didn’t want to bother dirtying up a bunch of dishes for one meal. I haven’t visited the fast food drive through window at all since I started grilling for myself. I can throw together a quick meal that tastes great. I waste less food because I want to eat it, so it doesn’t go to waste sitting in the crisper. I look forward to eating fresh vegetables in season! This fact makes me very happy, because healthy habits are not one of my strengths.

Another big reason that grilling makes sense for me is that fresh food is ALOT less expensive in general. Pre packaged foods can drive your grocery bill up unnecessarily. Save the canned and boxed foods for emergencies, and stick to fresh foods in season and on special, and your budget will benefit.

Take advantage of this professional single gal’s research, and add “Grilling For One” to your busy single lifestyle.

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