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Healthy Sex Life – How Food and Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life

You may enjoy sex but can you make it better? One way to improve your sex life is to commit to a healthy eating and exercise regime. That doesn’t mean lettuce and lentils for every meal after a 2 hour gym session. Anyone would be too tired for anything after that! You can still enjoy food whilst enhancing your bedroom time.

Get active

Taking care of your health and body will have a beneficial impact on your sex life. Did you know that exercise can increase your libido? Exercise can help you with endurance, strength and flexibility. Not only will you last the distance in bed, but you will have a lot more fun between the sheets.

Exercise is also good for beating stress, which is a definite mood-killer. When you’re stressed, it is harder to be in the mood for lovemaking. Exercise will help you handle your problems better, leaving you feeling more in the mood for romancing your sweetheart.

In addition, being overweight can lower your testosterone levels. Research has shown that men who are overweight show significantly reduced testosterone levels, making it more difficult to become aroused. Just another reason to join a gym or get outside for a jog.

Knock out the bad fats

Sticking to those fatty foods won’t do you any favours. These only hinder blood circulation, making it more difficult to get and sustain an erection. Remove the bad fats from your diet, such as takeaways and pre-packaged foods.

Part of your healthy diet should include good unsaturated fats. These can be found in foods such as avocado, olive oil and almonds. These foods help the body to produce cholesterol, which is necessary for the production of testosterone and oestrogen.

Once you start exercising and eating a healthy diet of fruit, vegetables and complex carbohydrates, you will start to see a change in your appearance and overall mood. You will begin to feel more confident as you see the changes in your body.

Drinks, anyone?

A glass or two of your favourite alcoholic beverage can be a mood enhancer but anything more can be a definite turn off. If you want a night of romancing, have a glass or two with dinner but leave it at that. Overconsumption of alcohol can lead to decreased arousal and poor performance.

If staying fit and healthy isn’t a motivator in itself, consider the side benefits such as an improved sex life. Exercise daily, eat the right foods and drink only in moderation and you’ll be on the path to changing your sex life from good to great.

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