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Hot Pants – The Quickest Way to Be Sexy

There is nothing more comfortable than wearing hot pants in summer day. They are not only worn on vacation, but also anytime since they provide simplicity and hot look!

Hot pants were a trend in 1980s and they are now coming back! They are a development of mini skirt. Historically, the mini skirt raised in 1960s by a French designer named Andre Coureggas. He was even called “Father of the mini”.

At that time, skirts become much shorter and underwear was exposed easily. It built an idea of making a sort of formal short pair of shorts which are called short shorts. Women’s Wear Daily, a popular fashion magazine, named them hot pants. These new kind of shorts became favorite since they were considered shocking and naughty. It was nice wearing something so short without exposing underwear!

However, there are some factors that differ hot pants from other ordinary shorts, one of them is the materials. They are usually made of formal fabrics such as satin, velvet, or leather. Nowadays, you can also find the ones made of denim, which creates more casual look.

Actually, hot pants had been seen before as far back as the 1920s and 1930s, especially in Europe. At that time, they are worn by nightclub performers and prostitutes. Next, they are shown in The Blue Angel, a German film. For this film, Marlene Dietrich who played Lola Lola, wore an extremely short for her role as a seductive nightclub singer. Since then, she was called ancestor of hot pants.

In 1970s, a comic book Wonder Women also took part in making them popular. Wearing these short shorts with high boots, this style inspired many people to dress the same way.

After that, hot pants became the best way to keep up to date and be considered fashionable. They became a part of the official flight attendants’ uniform, although for not a long time. A song entitled “Hot Pants” was created in 1977 by James Brown-a rhythm-and-blues singer. No need to question how this song was helpful in “spreading” hot pants.

In a short time after their popularity, they were put into rubbish since they were considered out of fashion. They were even thought as a fashion mistake. Although they were sometimes worn in fashion magazines or films, but people were no longer interested. In 1980s, a television show The Dukes of Hazzard brought their popularity back since Daisy Ducks, one of the characters, like wearing those short shorts.

Now, they are making a return in the fashion world, just like bell bottoms and platform shoes. They now are available in many materials, such as satin, chiffon, silk, leather, and velvet. They are no longer made of heavy corduroy, denim, or cotton. To get the best look, combine them with sandals, boots, or high heels. Each will give you unique look!

The return of hot pants is influenced by what the stars are wearing. Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, and Jessica Simpson (who played Daisy Ducks in a new version of The Dukes of Hazzard) could be those who return them!

Show your legs! Throw away your mini and maxi dresses! Set up your confidence. Do not think that God only creates hot pants for those who have beautiful legs.

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