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Hotwife Lifestyle – One BIG Potential Problem and How to Avoid It

Many of the problems with the hotwife lifestyle come down to the differences in the ways men and women think.

Never underestimate the magnitude of the task ahead of you if you want to get your wife or girlfriend to cuckold you.

The trick isn’t just to get her to have hot sex with other guys but also to STAY emotionally faithful to you AND involve you to whatever extent you want to be involved. More on that later in another article.

See, women view sex very differently from men. Ask your other half (be subtle) and I pretty much guarantee she’ll tell you, in effect, “I can’t sleep with a guy unless I like him”.

And of course, you don’t really want her getting “feelings” for him, because cuckolding and hotwifing is NOT a natural part of her (the blogs telling you it is are lying to you). And the danger here is she’ll slip over the ridge into the next valley, so to speak. As in, she’ll revert to her monogamous state again… but with HIM.

So, the quandary — how to get her to have sex him but not fall in love with him.

The way Joss and I handle this is to compartmentalise things. I love to hear what she’s been up to and I love watching even more… but I don’t try and compete.

There are things she likes that I don’t — but other guys do. So she does those with them and other things with me. The mistake guys make is to want all the same stuff — and that’s what causes the problems.

I mean if having sex with you is completely different from having sex the other guy, then there’s no conflicting desires or competition. Nothing to choose between, right?

That’s kind of where we started from, anyway.

Something for you to think about, I reckon?

So Joss and I changed things around a bit.

Because we’ve been at this a while, we realised there was a danger of it becoming stale. I mean, if you live by the beach, the chances are you rarely go sunbathing and swimming, right?


That’s the danger of having regular lovers: it can be too much like a “relationship”.

So we tackled it in two ways: first by going deeper, and then by going wider.

I’ll explain what I mean by that anon, but in brief it means “kinkier” and “more partners”.

It’s been a lot of fun, I can tell you.

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