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How Many Wives Would Like to Hotwife?

Since infidelity is the last big taboo, how many wives would like to hotwife? And it seems like a reasonable thing to ask since even though it’s a very common male fantasy, it seems women are turned off by the whole idea (but the truth will surprise you). So…

How many wives would like to hotwife?

The truth is… very few… and lots and lots.

The reason for this apparent contradiction is the question isn’t a very good one to ask.


Because the whole concept of “hotwiving” and the nature of a hotwife is badly misunderstood. See, to uninformed people it seems no different from traditional infidelity at best, and a shabby, sordid sex-kink that makes her a slut at worst.

But the reality is hotwiving can be the ultimate expression of love and affection between two self-aware and self-confident adults who are at ease with their sexuality and have a solid and loving relationship.

And the biggest problem men have in getting their wives to embrace the hotwife lifestyle is usually one of communication. You see, a typical scenario you’ll read on blogs and forums dedicated to the lifestyle is where the man simply says, “I’d like you to sleep with other men” and his wife says, “OK” and off they go.

Sadly, real life isn’t like that, and most wives would probably freak if you came out with a line like that, because of the thoughts such a crass and blunt approach would put into her head. For example typical thoughts might be:

  • He doesn’t find me attractive any more.
  • He wants an excuse to sleep with other women
  • He’s lost his marbles!

And so on.

BUT if you approach it in the right way, then you’re going to discover a surprising truth… and that is women are just as sexual as men and many of them will gladly embrace the hotwife lifestyle if you present it to them in the right way.

The biggest mistake men make in doing this usually is simply telling them they’re going to have great sex. Two problems there are:

  • Sex for most women is as much about feelings as it is about physicality. Meaning, she’ll need to know it’s going to improve, add to or spice up YOUR relationship, because it’s not likely she wants a relationship with another man. The emotional fix she gets from sex has got to be there, though, so it’s got to come from YOU and not her lover (I’m not talking about polyamory here).
  • Telling her isn’t enough… you’ve got to show her. Meaning, you’ve got to start showing her the benefits to your relationship before she sleeps with someone else, by talking ‘as if’ it were happening and showing her how you’d behave in that scenario.

And while this seems quite simple, no one ever said it was easy. You both have a lot of emotional conditioning to get over before you embark upon this, and getting it wrong can have catastrophic repercussions. You MUST give it a lot of thought and choose your sources of information carefully. Don’t read the hype and unrealistic blogs and forums and imagine that’s how things really are — for some, perhaps.

But for most?


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