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How Passion and Energy Attract Opportunities To You


Where do you go next when you miss out on a new job you expected to get?

You had even got some coaching beforehand to ensure you performed better than you did at the last interview. You acted on what you and your coach agreed would be a good approach. You thought the interview went very well. But, no, you didn’t get it.

When you telephoned for some feed-back, you were told that the person who got the job was more passionate about the position and showed more energy for what he wanted and hoped to do if he got it.

Passion? Energy? Is that an interviewing skill I need to learn? I’m actually a bit of an introvert. How do I bring passion and energy into an interview? I have considerable experience. I have good relationships with everyone with whom I work. I have always had great performance reviews. I have gained extra qualifications and just completed an MBA. I thought I was doing everything to line myself up for a new work opportunity and a new challenge.

Every week I talk to someone just like you. Highly qualified technically and very experienced, yet you feel your career is plateauing. You just don’t seem to be able to move on and up any further.

It was your technical skills and your experience that got you the interview but organisations now want people leading and managing them who can inspire and motivate their people to move on and up. It sounds like they didn’t see that in you. You didn’t let them see that you can do that. It takes passion to inspire and motivate people, to capture their imagination, to make them want to work WITH you, not just FOR you. They want leaders and managers who can engage people to give discretionary effort because they see that when the organisation’s goals are met, they are part of its success and their goals are met as well.

So what do you do? First thing, and make it a high priority, discover your WHY. When you apply for your next job, ask yourself why you want it. What can you offer to this job that no one else can? What is the difference you can make that no one else can? What inspires you about this organisation? Let the interviewer see that something about you that sets you apart from the crowd.

If you don’t think you can do that at this stage, or it sounds too hard, get yourself a coach or a mentor to help you unpack it and help you tap into that part of yourself so you can bring it to the next interview.



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